Modern Meat brings plant-based foods to U.S. through Real Vision Foods

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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Canadian plant-based meat manufacturer Modern Meat has struck a co-packing deal with Real Vision Foods of California to grow its business in the United States.

Modern Meat has a portfolio of branded alternative meats that it will bring to the United States through Real Vision, a co-manufacturer with the capability to produce up to a wholesale value of $25 million worth of total Modern Meat products annually through its facility. In its 100 years of experience, Real Vision has provided more than 250 SKUs of store brand and branded products to retailers in the United States and Canada.

Modern Meat is focusing on its branded products but did tell Store Brands it was open to private label opportunities with retailers. The company will produce items based on demand but expects production to center on a mix of burgers, crumble, meatballs, sauces and other products.

The deal with Real Vision does mark a milestone for the plant-based foods company, according to Tara Haddad, CEO of Modern Meat. “It has long been a goal to produce and sell our products in the U.S. We are incredibly excited to launch out of California with an early adopter of plant-based vegan alternatives. We feel that by moving to an established team of co-manufacturing, our company is likely to see significant growth in our revenues.”

Real Vision Foods currently supports national distribution of other vegan productions, specializing in fermentation of (dairy analogue) and meat analogue products. Production of Modern Meat products through Real Vision begins in the first quarter of this year.

"Real Vision is excited to support the growth of Modern Meat in its journey to offer white tablecloth — culinary level product quality to consumers throughout the world,” said Joseph Ertman, president, Real Vision Foods. “The company recognizes the importance of offering quick-to-market product capabilities for emerging plant-based-only brands that reflect its sustainability conscious value and aspirations.”