Mancini Foods Looks to Expand Private Label Partnerships

The Italian pepper manufacturer has a new owner, a new name, and is looking for new private label partners.
Zachary Russell
Associate Editor
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Mancini Foods

Mancini Foods, a producer of roasted peppers known for its iconic branding, has a new president and CEO who is looking to expand the company’s private label work.

Previously known as Mancini Packing, Alan Mancini and his wife Debbi have purchased the company, and Alan has immediately assumed the roles of president and CEO of the company. He previously served as president of the company from 1996 to 2008. Mancini Packing was founded in 1922 by Antonio Mancini, an Italian immigrant.

 “We’re truly honored to take the helm of this cherished brand as it begins a new century of excellence and innovation,” said Mancini. “While we remain forever mindful of our distinguished past, our focus is on leading Mancini Foods into a bright and prosperous future and we look forward to implementing many bold new changes and introducing many exciting new products over the months and years ahead.”

In a press release, Mancini Foods noted several ways it is looking to expand in 2023, including growing its base of food service clients, reinforcing the brand’s identity, expanding supermarket partnerships and growing its private label manufacturing capabilities.

“Our strategy at Mancini Foods as it relates to our private label business is to commit a significant portion of our manufacturing capacity and capability to our private label retailers to ensure a healthy diversity of revenue,” Mancini told Store Brands. “In addition, establishing a relationship that is based upon a common set of goals and trust. We are of the mindset that understanding the needs of our customers leads to a successful and profitable relationship for both parties. In short: capacity, creativity, capability and knowledge.”