Lynk Labs files infringement lawsuit against Home Depot

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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Lynk Labs, a producer of LED products and technology, has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Home Depot, saying a selection of the retailer’s own brands are infringing on patents covering Lynk Labs products.

The Elgin, Ill.-based company filed a lawsuit on Jan. 29, and the complaint asserts that Home Depot is sourcing and selling various private label LED lighting products under the store brands Commercial Electric, Hampton Bay, Ecosmart and Home Decorators. The private brand products allegedly infringe upon at least seven of Lynk’s patents covering LED Lighting Services and LED Devices that use its Selectable CCT LED products. More specifically, the asserted patents are widely used in LED down lights, flush mounts, coach lights, replacement bulbs and more. 


Lynk estimates that the infringed-upon products and other Lynk patents are used in more than 75% of Home Depot's private label LED lighting products, as well as non-private label LED lighting products being sold at Home Depot and that the applications using Lynk's patents are continuing to expand.

The company said it has made substantial investments over the past two decades in its technology that’s widely used in fields of LED lighting, smartphones, tablets, TVs, and more, and the products cross residential, commercial, industrial and other lighting markets, too. 

"Not many small companies like Lynk have been able to do what Lynk has done. I'm proud of that and we deserve to be fairly compensated for our contribution to the financial success of companies benefiting from our patented technologies," said Mike Miskin, CEO at Lynk Labs. 

"We see a significant number of companies, public and private, generating huge profits for themselves and their shareholders while ignoring and infringing Lynk's patent rights. These companies are obligated to treat the patent rights of others according to the law, just as they would want their rights treated. Further, Lynk is not one of the companies that will be intimidated by the size or financial strength of any company infringing our patents, U.S. or international,” said Miskin.