Lone Creek Cattle Launches Private Label Program

The new initiative is focused on offering retailers beef products from cattle raised in the U.S.
Greg Sleter
Associate Publisher/Executive Editor
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Lone Creek Cattle

Responding to the continued growing consumer demand for grass-fed beef, Lone Creek Cattle Co. has launched a private label program with the goal of offering retailers a consistent flow of products from U.S.-based cattle.

The family owned and operated cattle company based in Lincoln, Neb., includes several products such as grass-fed, grass- finished and all natural cattle products that have been raised without the use of antibiotics or hormones. With a consistent weekly and monthly harvest, company officials said the program offers retailers and distributors the power to build a domestic grass-fed beef program.

"We are passionate about raising our cattle the right way," Brian DeBrie, chief financial officer of Lone Creek Cattle Co, said during a company announcement of the private label program. "Our private label program allows us to partner with businesses who share our values and commitment to providing high-quality, sustainable American beef products."

In an interview with Store Brands, Ben Mohl, Lone Creek’s director of sales and marketing, offered more insight into the private label program and discussed the company’s unique offerings.

STORE BRANDS: What were the motivating factors behind the company’s launch of a private label assortment of grass-fed beef?

BEN MOHL: We see the growing consumer demand for grass finished beef and we also know the lack of U.S. supply for it. Most of what you see in the stores or online right now for grass finished beef comes from overseas. Using our resources here in Nebraska, we want to offer a product to retailers and sellers who want to source a domestic grass finished product.

SB: What is included in the company’s offerings for its private label program?

BM: We are offering an all-natural grass finished beef, no added hormones, no antibiotics, raised and produced in the United States. We can handle the whole process from finishing, producing, and labeling finished goods from ground beef, boxed beef, and portioned steaks.

SB: What makes Lone Creek Cattle Co. unique from other similar companies in the product category?

BM: Lone Creek Cattle Co is already raising and producing grass-fed and finished certified Piedmontese beef. We have nailed down the nutrition and feed to deliver a finished beef product that consumers want and will enjoy. Simple put, we know what we are doing.

SB: Talk about the advantages of supplying retailers with grass fed beef raised in the U.S.

BM: There are quite a few. We have a 52-week harvest plan available for this program, which eliminates inconsistencies in production. Our products come from the cattle we raise here in the heart of the midwest. So much of the supply right now in the U.S. comes from Australia, New Zealand, and South America.  We know U.S. consumers want domestic products and we aim to deliver that to them. We also will not be procuring any dairy cows or any culled cattle. 

SB: What are the advantages/benefits of grass fed beef?

BM: There is certainly a health-halo around grass-finished beef.  It is still debated out there on how much “healthier” grass-finished beef is vs grain-finished based on nutrients it provides, but the primary benefit is simply less fat, therefore less calories.