Kroger Brings PackIt Fresh Totes to New Markets

Kroger locations in Atlanta, Ga. and Nashville, Tenn. will utilize the totes to keep grocery orders cool for customers.
Zachary Russell
Associate Editor
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To ensure better grocery pickup service for its private label items, Kroger is expanding its partnership with PackIt to bring the company’s cold-tech tote bags to new markets.

PackIt Fresh totes are frozen overnight to be used for grocery picking the next day, keeping items cool and frozen if necessary. The groceries are then loaded into the customer’s car upon pickup.

“After successful pilot programs at multiple storefronts in the Midwest and western United States, the PackIt Fresh Mobile Refrigeration Solution is now being implemented at Kroger stores across Atlanta and Nashville for the first time,” said Melissa Kieling, Founder of PackIt. “We’re also seeing our solution entering additional stores in California and Arizona. Kroger clearly recognizes the improvement to product freshness and efficiencies gained by deploying our EcoFreeze totes into their retail operations.”

Store Brands sister publication Progressive Grocer reported last year that Boone, Iowa-based Fareway Stores Inc. uses EcoFreeze totes for its curbside pickup service.

“From a functional perspective, PackIt Fresh totes are now being utilized within their stores as a single staging vehicle to collect ambient, refrigerated & frozen items,” the company said. “This is the ultimate PackIt Fresh value proposition: product kept fresh, collected in a single location and efficient processes to support customer needs."