Kerry Unveils New Specialized Yeast

Kerry's latest ingredient innovation is designed to limit the amount of acrylamide in baked goods.
Zachary Russell
Associate Editor
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Kerry, a food and beverage ingredient partner that works with private brands, has announced its latest yeast ingredient available in North America.

Acryleast Pro is the latest iteration of Kerry’s signature acrylamide-reducing non-GMO yeast, Acryleast. The product reduces the amount of acrylamide in manufactured and organic food products by up to 90%. According to Kerry, Acrylamide is a neurotoxin and probable carcinogen found in carbohydrate-based items when they are heated.

“Acryleast is already a proven, acrylamide-reducing clean label solution for food manufacturers, and the second-generation Acryleast Pro has now raised the bar even higher by being more than twice as powerful as the original product,” said Daniel Mendoza, business development director at Kerry. “It impressively delivers up to 90% reductions in acrylamide at a lower, more cost-effective dose rate. Food manufacturers are under rising pressure from governments and consumers groups to lower the amount of acrylamide created in their products."

Acryleast Pro’s applications include children’s biscuits and snacks, baby food, crackers, breads, bakery items, tortillas and more.

"Acryleast Pro is now the best, most consistent solution to address this important food industry safety problem without disrupting either the manufacturing process or the ability to offer a clean label," added Mendoza. "We look forward to partnering with our customer to create new, great-tasting products using this technology.”