Imperfect Foods finds a prominent host to tell their story

Imperfect Foods, an online grocer that aims to eliminate food waste, has partnered with famed food voice Padma Lakshmi for a new video campaign that includes highlighting how it sources its own brand products.
Zachary Russell
Associate Editor
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Padma Lakshmi sitting at a table with a cake
Padma Lakshmi for Imperfect Foods.

Imperfect Foods, a sustainable online grocer that aims to eliminate food waste, has recently announced an exclusive partnership with one of food’s most prominent voices. The San Francisco-based company is partnering with Emmy-nominated food expert, television host, and author Padma Lakshmi to promote the company, including its line of private label products.

Imperfect foods is an online service that delivers food that is “imperfect” to customers in an effort to help eliminate waste. Founded in 2015, the company works with farmers and producers to rescue and redistribute food items, and delivering customs produce, pantry items, dairy, meat, and even a line of private label products.

Lakshmi will help tell the comany's story, including its private label line (from rescuing pretzels that become broken in the process of being covered in chocolate to spaghetti that was two inches too short) and how the company supports farmers by purchasing produce that would otherwise go to waste due to conventional grocery standards.

She brings with her credibility as an Emmy-nominated food expert, television host, producer and The New York Times best-selling author. She is the creator, host, and executive producer of the critically acclaimed Hulu series "Taste the Nation," nominated for a 2021 Gotham Award for Breakthrough Series, and heading into its second season. Lakshmi also serves as host and executive producer of Bravo’s two-time Emmy-winning series "Top Chef," which has been nominated for 32 Emmy awards, including her two-time nomination for Outstanding Host for A Reality-Competition Program. 

In a new promotional campaign “Behind the Box,” Lakshmi showcases a box from Imperfect Food, discusses with a farmer how food gets wasted because of cosmetic deformities, and talks with Madeline Rotman, head of sustainability at Imperfect Foods while cooking a meal from the ingredients.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Padma, whose culinary expertise and storytelling skills allow us to shine a light on our broken food system, and the ways in which we are working to repair it and build a better solution,” said Imperfect Foods’ co-founder, Ben Chesler. “Together we will bring to life the stories of our food system and the important values we share: sustainability and accessibility.”

"Imperfect Foods has a deep understanding of the intersection of food and activism, which is something I’ve always been passionate about," said Lakshmi of the partnership. "On the heels of a uniquely challenging year for our farmers, producers, and food supply chain, I'm hopeful that our partnership will introduce more people to the compelling stories behind each Imperfect Foods box and create a better understanding of our food system, the people behind it, and the future of what it can be.”