Florida Food Products launches new clean label meat preservative

The new ingredient is designed to help preserve meat lines without added chemicals.
Zachary Russell
Associate Editor
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Florida Food Products (FFP), a creator of vegetable and fruit-based clean label ingredient solutions, has unveiled its latest ingredient offering available for private label use. 

The plant-based antioxidant VegStable Fresh was announced at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE). The product is a clean label alternative to ingredients with chemical additives, and is derived from green tea, rosemary, acerola and rice bran extract.

Last November, FFP announced it had agreed to purchase Comax Manufacturing Corp., a provider of clean label flavor solutions.

“Our team is excited to launch our latest clean label antioxidant solution, VegStable Fresh, at IPPE 2022,” said Christopher Naese, vice president of business development at FFP. “VegStable Fresh is an ideal clean label alternative to chemical antioxidants that makes it possible to maintain the quality and freshness of meat and poultry products, such as fresh and cooked pork sausage, and ground turkey, with the power of plants. In ground turkey applications, VegStable Fresh has not only improved shelf-life extension and provided rancidity prevention but is also aiding purge reduction and enhancing texture. No chemicals, less spoilage, more consumer appeal means a win for everyone.”

VegStable Fresh was designed to help delay oxidation to lock in the original integrity of meat and poultry products while naturally keeping the off-putting effects of oxidation at bay, with a clean and simple label. Benefits of the new ingredient include a longer shelf life, rancidity prevention, maintained color and flavor and more.

“Our team of experts look forward to a great show and can’t wait to learn more about how our portfolio of plant-based ingredient solutions can help our partners take their meat and poultry products to the next level with no chemicals, less spoilage and more consumer appeal,” added Naese.

Based in Eustis, Florida, FFP has been in business for over 65 years.