Field Agent finds Walmart's store brands deliver on price, perception

David Salazar
Managing Editor
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A new report from Field Agent is taking a look at the overall customer experience at Walmart and that includes how Walmart’s store brands perform in terms of value, perception and price. When it comes to its Great Value brand, the report highlights the key role that store brands can play in meeting consumers at the intersection of value and quality.

The report titled "Walmart X," focusing on customer experience at the retailer from store navigation to curbside pickup and product availability, studies store brands as an element of the overall customer experience, finding that Walmart’s pricing was consistently lower than its competitors while also finding a solid amount of consumer preference for store brand items.

An excerpt from the Field Agent report's price comparison.

In terms of price, Field Agent compared Walmart’s Great Value Ranch and Traditional Pasta Sauce with comparable store brand items from Kroger and Target. Not only did the Walmart brands materially deliver on price, with the mean price of both products coming in lower than the mean price of the Target and Kroger products, they also delivered on price perception.  The study found that 70% of shoppers felt the Walmart brand ranch prices were “better” or “much better” than the name brand, and the pasta sauce prices were thought to be “better” or “much better” by 58% of shoppers.

In talking to shoppers, Field Agent found that roughly half of them were interested in Walmart’s store brands over the branded alternative. For the Great Value Pasta Sauce and Great Value Laundry Detergent, 50% said they’d buy it over the brand-name product, and 55% of shoppers said they would buy Walmart’s version over the branded one.

The insights were gathered through three mobile studies across 61 Walmart stores in mid-January while conducting simultaneous comparable studies at 62 Super Target and 61 Kroger stores. Outside of store brands, the paper takes a look at other elements of the shopping experience, including navigability of stores, checkout experience and online experience, among others.

To read the full paper, click here.