From the Editors: As good as it gets

Seth Mendelson
Publisher and Editor in Chief
Seth Mendelson profile picture

After five days of talking with both retailers and suppliers, it is pretty clear that PLMA Live Presents: Private Label Week was a much-needed event that brought the industry together to discuss a wide range of issues. 

But is this event enough? The answer is no, but it was the best we can do. 

Given that the COVID-19 pandemic makes meeting in person virtually impossible, everyone associated with this five-day event thought that the Private Label Manufacturers' Association did a splendid job with the event. The technology worked and there were a lot of attendees. People seemed very pleased with it all.

But, nearly everyone said they want their old PLMA convention back. The annual event in Chicago in November. They want to return to the old normal, where retailers and suppliers get to chat in person, get to see and touch the new items being presented and get the opportunity to take it one or more steps further if they so desire. 

PLMA gets an A for its virtual show. Great job! Now, we all hope that we can return to an in-person event in November. 

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