DreamPak Debuts Enhanca Hydrate Water Flavor Enhancers

The new assortment is touted by the company as an affordable alternative to powdered products currently on the market.
Greg Sleter
Associate Publisher/Executive Editor
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DreamPak Enhanca Hydrate

As a growing number of consumers turn to products that allow them to enhance the flavor of water, DreamPak is launching a new solution in an effort to make the category accessible to a wider consumer base.

The company’s new Enhanca Hydrate is offered in several flavors including watermelon, tangerine, mixed berry, strawberry, lemon lime and passion fruit. The product features the company’s patent-pending DreamSense technology that replaces citric and malic acid with lactic acid, which doubles as a preservative, reduces astringent notes typically found in fruit-flavored beverages, and enhances the fruit notes naturally found in flavors.

According to the company, each 2 milliliter squeeze delivers about 160 milligrams of electrolytes. Individual 1.62-ounce bottles provide 24 servings and are priced at $2.49.

“When we designed our hydration enhancer lineup, our goal was to make the category more accessible to the masses,” said Tarick Gamay, vice president of Sales & Marketing at DreamPak. “We also imagined a world where consumers can customize their hydration by-the-squeeze and carry a week’s worth of servings in their pocket, backpack or purse.”

Gamay said that similar powdered offerings currently available are priced at about $1.50 per stick or $15 for a pack of 10. 

“DreamPak’s solution represents an affordable entry price point, tremendous cost savings, and incremental growth opportunity for retailers seeking to capitalize on the explosion of the water enhancer category,” he said.

The company is partnering with select retailers to launch the new line in 2023 under various private labels.

According to IRI data provided by DreamPak, the liquid drink enhancers segment is growing at a rate of about 7% per year