Dollar General Freshens Personal Care Assortment

The exclusive collection includes a variety of items ranging from bath and shower products to skin care items.
Greg Sleter
Associate Publisher/Executive Editor
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Dollar General Personal Care

Dollar General is giving its shoppers a new selection of personal care products with the debut of Five Deep Breaths and Scent Happy, both retailer exclusives. 

Five Deep Breaths is touted by Dollar General as a fragrant-inspired body collection featuring an assortment of products including three-in-one bath foam oil and wash, body cream, shower steamer fizzies, whipped body scrub and mineral bath and foot salts. The products are free of phthalates, parabens, TEA and DEA and are priced between $2 and $4 each.

Scent Happy is a body care collection that features more than 40 SKUs including bath bombs, body lotion, body scrub, body wash, hand soap and fragrance mist. The products are free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, silicone and sulfates and are priced from $1 to $3 each.

“We’re so excited for the launch of these two new product lines and further extend DG’s offerings of affordable beauty and personal care products,” said Amanda Wilson, senior buyer of beauty care at Dollar General. “Each visit to a Dollar General store offers exciting new finds, and these lines aim to help make the shopping experience more fun for our customers.”

The two new collections were developed for Dollar General by HatchBeauty Brands

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with Dollar General to identify trends and opportunities in the personal care and bath and body space,” said Kristin Bibb, vice president of sales and brand development at HatchBeauty Brands. “We hope customers enjoy discovering the new offerings.” 

Five Deep Breaths’ formulas include:

  • Calming composed of lavender and chamomile scents
  • Relaxing composed of eucalyptus and tea tree scents
  • Restoring composed of vanilla and rose scents

Scent Happy’s selection of fragrances include:

  • Citrus Sunrise: Rise and shine with the sunny sweet scents of tangy orange and juicy peach nectar with this scent that smells like a Sunday drive through orange orchards.
  • Coconut Coast: Dive into the ocean front scents of creamy coconut and crisp sea salt spray with a vacation, tan lines and good times inspired fragrance.
  • Fresh Bloom: Blossom your senses with the lush scents of whimsy white jasmine and light gardenia petals, reminiscent of holding hands through a secret garden.
  • Sugar Dream: Treat yourself to the indulgent scents of cozy vanilla, savory almond and brown sugar, just like freshly baked sugar cookies.
  • Summer Berry: Soak up the scent of picnic season with a sparkling berry medley topped with crisp summer sunshine, just like ripe berries at the farmers’ market.