Dalrada Health Products launches private labeling program GlanHealth

David Salazar
Managing Editor
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Dalrada Health Products is rolling out GlanHealth, a private labeling marketing program, for its line of eco-friendly skin and surface sanitizing products. The line is free of alcohol, and non-toxic, incorporating quaternary ammonium compounds. 

“GlanHealth's ability to provide a custom labeling solution for its distribution partners provides a pathway to expanding and expediting access to safe, premium-quality personal and surface sanitizing products for institutions, businesses and consumers worldwide,” said Fawad Nisar, COO of Dalrada Financial, the parent company of Dalrada Health Products. 

The company said that its product line — which includes hand sanitizing foam, sprays and wipes; sanitizing soap; a surface cleaner; wound and skin therapy; mold and mildew sanitizing and prevention; laundry sanitizing and deodorant; and industry and commercial surface sanitizer products — offers safe and effective alternatives to such traditional sanitizing approaches as bleach, chlorine and alcohol. GlanHealth also allows the company to highlight its impact on educating institutions, businesses and consumers by leveraging its scientific knowledge, focused communications, marketing abilities and sales distribution. 

GlanHealth already has secured a long-term contract for the products, working with Premium PPE to supply products to its healthcare client base in seven states. 

“GlanHealth's white label distribution partnership with Premium PPE is a testament of Dalrada's continued focus on quality manufacturing, impeccable customer service, and on-time delivery with the entire product line,” Nisan said. “ We look forward to adding value to Premium PPE's extensive product portfolio as an end-to-end safety solution for the healthcare industry.”

The company said that its product line is lab tested with a 99.9% effectiveness and can shield from microbes for up to 4 hours on skin and up to 28 days on surfaces.