Colorado Voters Approve Measure to Allow Wine Sales in Grocery Stores

The ballot measure approval by voters gives retailers an opporunity to expand private label wine offerings.
Zachary Russell
Associate Editor
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Retailers will now be able to sell private label wine products in Colorado grocery stores after voters passed Proposition 125.

Beginning March 1, 2023, retailers can begin selling wine in grocery and convenience stores. Previously allowed only at liquor and wine stores, Proposition 125 expands where wine can be sold, with voters approving the measure at the polls on Nov. 8. 50.6% of the electorate voted ‘yes’ while 49.4% voted ‘no’. 

“We’re pleased that Coloradans will soon be able to pick up a bottle of wine when purchasing groceries,” Rick Reiter, campaign director for Wine in Grocery Stores, told the Colorado Sun newspaper. “Consumer habits are evolving, and it was inevitable that either this election, or one soon thereafter, that Colorado would become the 40th state to have wine in grocery stores.”

Another alcohol-related proposition was also on the ballot, but failed. Proposition 126 would have allowed alcohol delivery and alcohol to-go, lost by more than two percentage points.