Choose Health Debuts Private Label At-Home Blood Test Kit

The at-home test will allow users to view their blood test results from Choose Health's proprietary platform.
Zachary Russell
Associate Editor
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Choose Health

Choose Health, a manufacturer of wellness monitoring equipment, has introduced a line of home blood tests available for private label branding.

The proprietary multi-channel experience allows users prick their finger at home, and have the results shipped to their local wellness clinic or pharmacy. Each lab test kit includes inbound and outbound shipping, unlimited access to a branded result tracking app, physicians requisition processing and 24/7 customer service.

Choose Health said that the dried blood spot (DBS) testing method is more affordable and less invasive than whole blood testing. The customized results dashboard in the kit features personalized a video with an overview of the results, insights for each biomarker and recommendations on how to improve them.

"Finger prick testing provides powerful information with just a few drops of blood,” said Matthew McDermott, MSc, head of Research & Development at Choose Health, which was founded in 2018. “We're excited to offer white label at-home blood tests that produce accurate results on par with serum and whole blood analysis.”