CBD ingredient infuser has new beverage partner

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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Mile High Labs, a bulk supplier of hemp-derived cannabinoid ingredients for private brand CBD and consumer brands, has a new product partner in CarryOn sparkling water beverages that are infused with the company’s CBD.

Broomfield, Colo.-based Mile High Labs is supplying the CBD ingredients to Boston-based CarryOn for its two beverages, a sparkling grapefruit flavor and a sparkling blueberry. The drinks for now will be available in Colorado this summer.

The Carry On brand was developed by Ocean Spray Cranberries’ Lighthouse Incubator, which was created by the farmer-owned cooperative last year to accelerate health and wellness-focused innovation, and its where CarryOn formulated and developed its two CBD-infused beverages with CBD supplied by Mile High Labs.

"Our implementation of the strictest manufacturing standards, like cGMP and ISO 9001, continues to give high-profile companies the confidence they need to bring their products to the CBD space," said Stephen Mueller, chief executive officer, Mile High Labs.

Because of  COVID-19, members of the CarryOn team were unable to travel to Colorado to see the canning of the products but were able to approved through virtual tools. "This is a demonstration of the trust that we've built between our companies, as well as the technical expertise that Mile High Labs has on staff," said Dan Lane, customer development executive at Mile High Labs. "Together, we were able to ensure an on-time product launch even in the face of a historically disruptive event."