Butter Buds creates solutions for pea-protein products

Wisconsin-based company created five new dairy and non-dairy concentrates for private labels to use when formulating pea-protein meat items.
Zachary Russell
Associate Editor
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To enhance the flavor of pea-based protein products, Butter Buds, a Wisconsin-based, producer of dairy and non-dairy concentrates for branded and private label companies, has developed new solutions to incorporate into the plant-based meat market. The company created new flavor solutions which are designed to improve the flavor and texture of pea-protein products. 

“Formulators who work with pea-based proteins know that they can present challenges in terms of taste and texture,” said Michael Ivey, national sales director at Butter Buds. “When incorporating pea-based proteins, it is critical to mask off notes and optimize the texture in the formulation. Our ingredients help formulators overcome both of these issues while providing a clean label solution that has great flavor that consumers will love.”

Butter Buds named five of its solutions designed for private label companies to use when constructing pea-based protein items. The company provides a variety of clean label options including Certified Organic and non-dairy dairy flavors.

“Butter Buds Bacon enhances savory notes and harmonizes with spices, preventing flavor spikes and adding the desired fatty mouthfeel to meat analogues,” said the company. “Non-Dairy Buds Ghee and Non-Dairy Buds Asia are two solutions that can be used to achieve a buttery flavor in dairy alternatives and more. The Non-Dairy Butter Flavor and Cocoa Butter Buds are additional solutions that can be used to mask the off notes of pea proteins and create an excellent mouthfeel, in a variety of applications, such as protein drinks.”

The new products come as the meat alternative and plant-based market continues to grow as consumers seek healthier food options. Pea protein has become one of the more popular base ingredients for plant-based meats.