Boyer’s Food Markets integrates easy-opening lids to private brand pasta sauce

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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The Darci's jars printed new labels for the jars with instructions on how to open them.

Put the knife down, Dayton, Ohio-based Consumer Convenience Technologies, or CCT, has developed an easier way to open a pasta jar, and regional retailer Boyer’s Food Markets is the first to debut the company’s pop-up pasta jar lid under its premium private brand Darci’s.

No more banging knives against jar lids, or banging jars against countertop corners or twisting with a towel until red in the face, CCT’s new jar works by having a consumer press a button on the top of the lid that vents the jar, activating a tiny slit that releases the vacuum-seal on the jar, and enabling a consumer to then easily twist off the lid.

Boyer’s Food Markets, Orwigsburg, Pa., has 18 stores in Pennsylvania and has added the lid to its Darci’s brand in all stores. The company said Boyer’s sales of Darci’s grew by 322% the week the EEASY Lid launched, compared to sales of the pasta sauce product previously on-shelf.

Darci’s pasta sauces are produced and packaged by Stello Foods, Punxsutawney, Pa., and distributed by Cavallaro Foods, which is under River Valley Foods, Syracuse, N.Y. To promote the innovative lid on its jars, the companies created new labels with instructions on how it works. 

CCT says its EEASY Lid is the first innovation in jar lids in more than 75 years and is ideal for seniors, or consumers suffering from arthritis. After the button is pushed to make the lid easier to remove, consumers can then reseal the lid by pushing in the button to keep it fresher for storage.


CCT says the push button on the lid is adaptable to current closure designs for capping containers of all sizes with vacuum or non-vacuum, cold or pasteurized processes. They can add it to an existing package or incorporate it into a new design.

Boyer’s Darci sauces come in a range of flavors, all of which use the new jar and lid. In addition to explaining the technology on its labels, the retailer placed aisle blades in the pasta category of its stores to call attention to the new lids.