Bloomios Offers New Wellness Supplements, Gummies

The new products from Bloomios will give retailers a private label offering for customers looking to lead a more healthy lifestyle.
Zachary Russell
Associate Editor
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Bloomios private label supplements

Hemp and nutraceutical manufacturer Bloomios, Inc. has unveiled a new collection of heath and wellness supplements available for private label use.

The products will be formulated with natural supplements including ashwagandha, melatonin, kratom, lion's mane, valerian root, reishi mushroom designed to help promote focus, sleep and relaxation, as well as address pain and inflammation. Several of the products are already in the late stages of development and production testing. 

Santa Barbara, Calif.-based Bloomios, which specializes in hemp-derived nutraceuticals, currently offers more than 80 customizable private label product solutions, including in the gummy format. Bloomios' in-house R&D team worked with its brand partners to develop new product formulations that align with consumer needs, including the most popular delivery formats. Gummy formulations include melatonin, valerian root complex and cannabinoids for sleep; L-theanine and CBD for calm; and ginkgo biloba, caffeine and rhodiola rosea for mental focus.

"Today's consumers have become increasingly aware of the health benefits that can be derived from a variety of natural supplements and particularly through the combination of complementary ingredients that can create an enhanced entourage effect," said Bloomios CEO Michael Hill. "To address the growing demand for such products that require specialized knowledge and production capabilities, major brands have come to us as a single source solution for a new range of natural offerings."

Other health and wellness supplements Bloomios now offers include ashwagandha and mushroom nootropics utilizing lion's mane and reishi varietals.