Americans could buy 161M pounds of butter this holiday season

Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin predicts that the sale of butter will continue to surge between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Zachary Russell
Associate Editor
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According to the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin (DFW), Americans are expected to purchase more butter than ever this holiday season. 

The group that represents suppliers of both private label and branded dairy products says that Americans will collectively purchase 161 million pounds of butter between the second week of November and Christmas, which is enough to bake 11 billion butter cookies.

The spike in butter sales has continued throughout the pandemic, as more Americans spent time at home, leading to more home cooking. DFW says that the group saw a 400% spike in recipe searches during the pandemic. Their packaging seal can be found on approved own brand cheese products to indicate it came from Wisconsin.

"We want to encourage residents to choose all-natural Wisconsin farm-to-table butter to create their favorite recipes at home," said Suzanne Fanning, senior vice president at DFW.

DFW touts the farming and production processes as what makes Wisconsin butter superior to the rest. 

“Wisconsin butter is all-natural, simple and pure, made with only two ingredients — fresh cream and salt,” said the group.  “Local butter starts with high-quality milk from Wisconsin, thanks to dedicated dairy farmers and the state's lush grasslands. After fresh, whole milk is collected from Wisconsin dairy farms, it's transported to a local creamery where the cream is separated from the milk. Once the butter is churned, it's delivered to the local grocery store for people to take home and enjoy.”