Aldi expands new products by 20 percent

Batavia, Ill.-based Aldi announced a product expansion it said will “offer more fresh products customers want most.” Emphasizing fresh, organic and easy-to-prepare options, the new items will comprise 20 percent of the products in every store while its fresh food category is increasing by 40 percent, Aldi said in a press release.

The new private brand products include kombucha, veggie noodles, organic meats, kale and quinoa crunch burgers, gluten-free bagels and more.

The expansion is Aldi’s next stage of an accelerated growth plan, which includes building on more than $5 billion to remodel and expand its store count to 2,500 by the end of 2022.

The company said it is more than halfway through its remodeling project, featuring a new store layout with additional refrigeration space to accommodate more fresh, healthy and convenient products, such as baked goods like white and whole wheat pita breads, sourdough loaves and gluten-free bagels, and organic almond milk, coconut milk and a range of lactose-free and soy private brand milk alternatives.

“The continued success of our store expansion and remodel initiatives has given us the opportunity to carefully select and introduce new products that satisfy our customers’ increasing preferences for fresh items, including organic meats, salad bowls, sliced fruits and gourmet cheeses,” said Jason Hart, Aldi CEO. “We know people lead busy lives, so we’re making it even easier for them to purchase everything on their shopping list at Aldi, while still saving money.”

The nationwide product rollout will continue through early 2019, Aldi said.