Aldi Cutting Prices On Dozens of Items

The reductions will run from Oct. 12 through the end of the year.
Greg Sleter
Associate Publisher/Executive Editor
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Aldi smoked salmon
Cold Smoked Salmon is among the items that will see a price cut at Aldi.

With the holiday season approaching, Aldi is cutting prices on dozens of top-selling items across the store. Categories that will see reductions include organic milk, olive oil, ground beef, bacon and cheese.

According to the discount grocer, the new savings are an extension of Aldi’s Price Promise, to be the low-price leader in the communities it serves. The new lower prices will run from Oct. 12 through the end of the year. 

A sampling of items that to feature price cuts are below:

  • Frozen 85% Lean Ground Beef Chub | 1 pound; now $3.89, was $4.49
  • Cold Smoked Salmon, Specially Selected | 3 ounces; now $4.39, was $4.99
  • Raw Honey, Specially Selected | 24 fl. ounces; now $6.99, was $7.39
  • Gourmet Snacking Cheese, Emporium Selection | 9 ounces; now $2.99, was $3.29
  • Premium 100% Juice, Simply Nature | 33 fl. ounces; now $3.99, was $4.25
  • Canola or Butter Cooking Spray, Carlini | 8 ounces; now $1.99, was $2.25
  • Thick Sliced Flavored Bacon, Appleton Farms | 1.5 pounds; now $8.49, now $8.75
  • Frozen Sushi Rolls, Fusia Asian Inspirations | 11.5 ounces; now $4.89, now $5.89
  • Organic Black Beans, Simply Nature | 15 ounces; now $0.99, now $1.16