ALD IPA could be in stores soon

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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In an update on the Twitter banter between Scottish brewer BrewDog and Aldi UK, the companies are saying that the BrewDog ALD IPA, designed with the look and feel of the Aldi brand, will be sold in Aldi UK stores.

The companies were continuing a Twitter back and forth, where BrewDog co-founder James Watt said it was confirmed that the beer would be on shelves. Store Brands reached out to Aldi UK representatives for further confirmation but did not get a response.

Aldi UK did have their own Twitter response saying if the beer got through quality control, the ALD IPA beer would be on shelves.

The two companies began going at it after BrewDog saw Aldi’s version of its Punk IPA — developed as a store brand version called “Anti Establishment IPA” — and created a beer that mocked Aldi’s look and feel called Yaldi IPA. The retailer chimed in saying it should be ALD IPA and the two companies were off on a social media publicity stunt. The latest, however, looks as though a physical beer could be on Aldi shelves in the future. It’s unclear if the product will be exclusive to Aldi UK shoppers or if the beers will appear.

BrewDog is a large brewery based in Ellon, Scotland with outposts in the United States and Australia.