Game Changers

2023 Game Changers: G.S. Gelato, Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts

G.S. Gelato goes above and beyond with its frozen dessert collection, offering retailers a number of non-dairy options for their private brands.

As consumer demand for private label products grows, retailers and suppliers continue to up their game bringing to market a bevy of new products across multiple categories. Product launches over the past year show a continued effort to give consumers high value items that offer retailers the opportunity to differentiate from their competitors.

For the third year, Store Brands is honoring those in private label that are pushing the boundaries and driving the industry forward. Below are the people, product innovations and brands that are this year’s Game Changers.

G.S. Gelato non-dairy desserts

G.S. Gelato, Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts


G.S. Gelato offers retailers and grocers a unique selection of milk-alternative, non-dairy frozen desserts made from coconut milk, cashew milk, almond milk, oat milk and peanut milk. The company also offers a portfolio of traditional and unique flavors and dietary preferences including keto and no added sugar options.

While it was once common to only find coconut or almond milk frozen desserts in the freezer aisle, G.S. Gelato has made it possible for private brands to increase their consumer loyalty with decadent flavors made from other types of milk-alternatives. The company works to create traditional and unique flavor options that suit every need from premium indulgence to adhering to growing dietary preferences.

Focused on meeting or exceeding the quality of national brand benchmarks, the company said it is able to adapt instead of reacting to the quickly evolving consumer demands in order to produce the best products possible for its clients. The company’s research and development team is constantly working with new ingredients and technologies, which allows G.S. Gelato to craft innovative flavors in a variety of ways – from authentic Italian gelato, to vegan sorbetto, and plant-based frozen desserts crafted with virtually any choice of milk alternatives.