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2023 Game Changers: Bill Bradshaw, Federated Group

Bill Bradshaw's vision has allowed Federated Group to highlight its private brands and connect with consumers on social media.

As consumer demand for private label products grows, retailers and suppliers continue to up their game bringing to market a bevy of new products across multiple categories. Product launches over the past year show a continued effort to give consumers high value items that offer retailers the opportunity to differentiate from their competitors.

For the third year, Store Brands is honoring those in private label that are pushing the boundaries and driving the industry forward. Below are the people, product innovations and brands that are this year’s Game Changers.

Bill Bradshaw Federated Group

Bill Bradshaw, VP of Sales, Federated Group


Private label supplier Federated Group serves its retail clients several food and household brands to offer customers. One of the brands, Life Every Day, has seen a recent boost in attention thanks to one of the company’s senior members.

Bill Bradshaw, vice president of Sales at the company, led a successful marketing initiative to not only interact, but to relate and connect directly with consumers on several social media platforms, including TikTok and Instagram.

On Federated Group’s page, foods are showcased in unique ways that can help consumers get a first-glimpse at the products. The initiative of directly engaging with consumers on social media platforms has proven Federated Group’s Life Every Day brand to be a successful link between consumers, customers and suppliers.

“We have put a vigorous social media marketing plan in place to connect with a worldwide audience,” said Bradshaw. “We encourage consumers to participate and engage in our various platforms. We focus our message on the authenticity that today’s consumers are searching for. We can say that our ‘Life Inspires’ brands have earned enthusiastic acceptance by current customers while attracting new customers as well.”