10 food trends from Whole Foods

Dan Ochwat
Executive Editor
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Hard kombucha, meatless jerky, upcycled foods and more have made the list of Whole Foods annual food trends predictions, the sixth year the retailer has forecast 10 food trends to watch. 

The list highlights many of its store brand products, some not launching until 2021, as well as national brands. Whole Foods organized a dedicated page on affiliate Amazon to gather foods that fit the trends.

The predictions this year do seem to focus on foods and beverages that fit a healthier lifestyle but also span several categories, including a baby food trend and liquor trend. The full list includes:

Well-being products
Food and beverage suppliers are adding functional ingredients like vitamin C, mushrooms and adaptogens to build stronger minds and bodies. COVID-19 has clearly impacted consumers to think harder about their health. Whole Foods highlighted foods like sauerkrauts, superfood broths and exotic drinks.


Big and better breakfasts
The remote working and learning situation is putting an importance on eating fuller breakfasts at home every day — skipping the bagel and donut run for a big breakfast that families may normally only prepare on the weekend. Whole Foods highlighted a bunch of own brands in this trend like its 365 by Whole Foods Market Atlantic Salmon that’s coming in 2021, Whole Foods Market Dutch-Style Pancake Bites, 365 by Whole Foods Market Organic Gluten Free Pancake & Waffle Mix, Whole Foods Market Uncured Ham & Gruyère Cheese Egg Bite, and breakfast pizzas being made in some of its locations.

Reimagined basics
Again, more time at home, has families experimenting more in the kitchen. Whole Foods sees basics getting kicked up a notch like a basic pasta dinner getting a hearts of palm pasta treatment. The retailer highlighted its Whole Foods Market Applewood Smoked Salt product in this trend full of seasonings and spices as well its Whole Foods Market Hearts of Palm Linguine. 

Coffee-flavored products
Consumers are getting a coffee fix beyond the mug and into items like coffee-flavored breakfast bars, yogurt and more. The retailer highlighted its 365 by Whole Foods Market Coffee & Almond Protein Chewy Bites (coming late 2020) as well as branded coffee bombs and even Irish whiskey.


Big baby foods
Whole Foods expects to see parents broaden the palettes of their little ones. The retailer is launching own brand squeezable pouches that include ingredients like rhubarb, rosemary and purple carrots. New pouches under the 365 by Whole Foods Market include flavors like pear strawberry rhubarb, and apple pumpkin blueberry with ground chickpeas. The retailer will also see a new Happy Baby Organics line launch next year with foods like sweet potatoes and olive oil with rosemary, purple carrots, cauliflower and avocado oil with oregano and more. 

Upcycled foods 
The retailer expects to see a rise in packaged products that use neglected and underused parts of an ingredient as a path to reducing food waste. Upcycled foods, made from ingredients that would have otherwise been food waste, help to maximize the energy used to produce, transport and prepare that ingredient. These items include Pulp Pantry Pulp Chips (coming 2021) in flavors like barbecue and jalapeño lime.

Replacing olive oil
Home chefs are expected to try new oils and dressings when cooking, moving away from olive oil and trying items like pumpkin seed oils and sunflower seed oil. Own brands highlighted in the trend are 365 by Whole Foods Market Expeller Pressed Walnut Oil and menu items found in its stores plant-based burgers made with organic sunflower seed oil. 

Spiked kombucha 
Hard seltzers have taken over and now boozier kombucha drinks could be the rage, providing a gluten-free, fizzy drink with probiotics. Hard kombucha will be on tap in the Whole Foods Market taprooms. Some flavors the company sees include ginger, lemon and hibiscus, passion fruit, blueberry basil.

Chickpea power
Rich in fiber and plant-based protein, chickpeas are considered the new cauliflower by the retailer, popping up in products like chickpea tofu, chickpea flour and even chickpea cereal. 

Meat-free jerky
Jerky will satisfy those non-meat eaters, coming in jerky made from mushrooms, jackfruit and more. The product can be spiced up chili, salt, ginger and cacao drizzle.

To see more on the trends and recommended products, visit this dedicated page at the Whole Foods website.