Whole Foods Market launches digital product catalog

Retailer’s ‘new experience’ makes it easier for customers to find products according to their wellness needs

 Seattle-based Whole Foods Market is taking on a digital approach to increase its consumer engagement.

The company announced the launch of a digital product catalog on that allows shoppers to find items by dietary preference and provides complete nutritional information and ingredient lists at customers’ fingertips.

“Whole Foods Market has always been a go-to for those who follow special diets or want greater transparency into what they are eating,” said Jason Buechel, executive vice president of technology and chief information officer for the Amazon-owned retailer. “This new experience makes it easier than ever for those customers to find products that fit their needs from dietary preferences to lifestyle changes, and ultimately helps them achieve their wellness goals.”

According to the company, a recent Whole Foods Market study revealed that almost one-third of frequent customers say they shop according to a specific dietary preference. The company claims that its new addition optimizes the site as a quick and convenient way for those shoppers to research food options and verify availability at their local stores.

Customers can now search for and filter through tens of thousands of Whole Foods Market’s most popular products through the lens of several different dietary preferences — from vegan to paleo-friendly to keto-friendly — via a desktop computer or mobile device, the retailer said.