Weis Markets Taps Invafresh to Manage Fresh Food Operations

Invafresh's Fresh Retail Platform will efficiently manage Weis Markets' fresh food operations across several subcategories.
Zachary Russell
Associate Editor
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Weis Markets

Sunbury, Penn.-based grocery chain Weis Markets has partnered with tech platform Invafresh to streamline its fresh food operations. 

At the chain’s 198 locations, Invafresh’s Fresh Retail Platform will help the development of demand forecasting, in-store production planning, food traceability, recipe management and cut test management across all fresh departments. The Invafresh Fresh Retail Platform uses AI and machine learning to streamline fresh food operations and reduce waste, making in-store operations more efficient and helping to deliver a better experience for Weis Markets customers.

“Our Invafresh collaboration will help us automate processes, such as ordering, production and inventory management, so that we are meeting customers’ expectations with the freshest foods while also more accurately predicting demand,” said Bob Gleeson, SVP of Merchandising and Marketing at Weis Markets. “We expect this platform to reduce food waste and improve efficiency.”

The partnership comes as consumers have gravitated towards more fresh and prepared foods during the pandemic.

“We are now focused on helping Weis to optimize their Fresh store operations, from deli to bakery, produce to meat, and everything in between, to ensure the freshest and highest quality products are available at the right levels when the consumer wants it,” said Tim Spencer, President & CEO at Invafresh. “Our fresh-native platform helps grocery retailers deliver on their customer promise of quality and consistency while keeping margins in check and achieving their food sustainability goals in Fresh.”

Weis Markets currently employs approximately 23,000 associates, and operates its 198 stores in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, West Virginia, Virginia and Delaware.