Walmart will revamp produce departments

Walmart said most stores' produce departments will be updated by next summer.

Walmart is changing up the look of its produce departments to further emphasize the quality factor, according to a story on the company’s website by Charles Redfield, executive vice president of Walmart U.S. Food.

Here’s what the Bentonville, Ark.-based retailer is rolling out in the fresh sections of its stores, according to Redfield:

• Low-profile displays will provide an “open market feel.” The new bins allow customers to see everything available in the department right when they walk into the store. “We’re using colorful, abundantly filled displays to highlight freshness and the quality of our items — for example, large bins of ripe red tomatoes and sizeable displays of seasonal items like squash and pumpkins,” Redfield said.

• Aisles will be wider and the low-profile bins wills enable customers to shop from multiple sides, making it faster and easier for customers to shop the department.

• All fresh organic products will be moved into one area of the department, so customers who want organic items can enjoy one-stop shopping.

• Larger and brighter signs will be added so low prices really stand out.

“The changes we’re making to our produce department will be great for our customers and associates, and we’re excited to bring them to stores all around the country,” Redfield said, noting that the renovations are just beginning and most stores will be updated by next summer.