Value Smart Products

Private Brand Laundry, Dish & Natural Products
• Scent Boosters
• Oxy Powder & Pods
• Washing Machine Cleaner
• Laundry Detergent Pacs
• Fabric Softener
• Dryer Sheets

• Auto Dish Pacs & Gel
• Auto Dish Booster
• Dishwasher & Garbage Disposer Cleaner                    
• Rinse Aid

Available in private label or Pulse brand
Who is Value Smart Products?
• Founded in 1998
• Privately held and headquartered in Dawsonville, GA
• Market private label and Value Smart brand products throughout North America, plus contract manufactured goods worldwide
• Produce a wide variety of delivery systems
• Compete in dish and laundry detergents and additives categories
Why Value Smart Products Should Be Your Supplier
• Dedicated Customer Service Representative
• 23 Years of Experience Supplying Customers of All Sizes and Trade Classes
• Frequent Third Party Performance Testing to Insure Your Brand is Always National Brand Equivalent
• Stable High-Growth Company With Capacity to Grow With Your Needs
• Turn Key Supplier - Custom Manufacturing of Pacs, Pastilles, Powders, Liquids and Gels for the Laundry & Dish Categories
• Big Enough to Serve All Your Needs But Small Enough to Appreciate Your Business
• In-House Marketing Consultation & Package Design
Value Smart Products’ Mission
National brand equivalent quality and service, coupled with high retail margins in all categories we serve.


Value Smart Products

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