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Ultra-Premium Azure household paper

U.S. Alliance Paper manufactures a full range of private label household paper — either under its customer’s label or as a pre-packaged "control brand" for smaller volume customers. It saw an opportunity to deliver value products in the ultra-premium segment. 

“We’re seeing ‘premiumization’ as an ongoing trend in the household paper category,” said Steve Saraf, vice president of sales. “Working with our larger private label customers, their numbers made a compelling case for slotting value products in premium-quality tiers. However, customers who do not have the volume for their own private label program also wanted in on this high-margin opportunity. That’s why we created our control brand, Ultra Premium Azure — ready-to-shelve with bold, eye-catching graphics.”

U.S. Alliance Paper’s customers are increasingly offering consumers specialized products, such as super-sized rolls with premium attributes, in custom bundles such as club packs. The company has the manufacturing flexibility to be responsive across paper grades and quality tiers, and produce the stronger, more absorbent and “fluffier” paper products consumers are looking for.

The company will customize sizes and sheet counts in premium TAD paper grades, as well as CFP® Certified, 100% recycled and mixed in virtually any package, bundle or display configuration imaginable.

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