Top Women In Store Brands 2022: Kenzie Anstett, Schreiber Foods

The Key Account Manager is this year's honoree in the sales category.
Greg Sleter
Associate Publisher/Executive Editor
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Kenzie Anstett, Schreiber Foods
Kenzie Anstett

When Kenzie Anstett was in her early college days at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, her career goals were focused largely on going into the world of nutrition as a health coach.

But Anstett’s path began to change after taking a sales position at Schreiber Foods, where today she serves as the company’s key account manager, Retail Sales. Serving as sales support for two of the company's larger customers, Walmart and Sam’s Club, she is being recognized for her work as the Sales honoree in the 2022 Top Women In Store Brands.

“Well, truthfully, I was shocked as I have never won anything before,” she told Store Brands. “I feel very lucky to have been picked as there are so many strong women who work in sales today.”

Growing up on a small animal farm and apple orchard in Wisconsin, several conversations Anstett had made her realize that some of her perceptions about sales were off the mark. As she entered what for her was a new field, she began learning about Schrieber’s products and was working on the company’s inside sales team. She would then move on to the Walmart team.

“My role has evolved so much over the four years I’ve been in my current position and COVID had a major impact on how the buyers work with us,” Anstett explained. “We are more collaborative and have built strong relationships that have helped us work through some tough situations effectively.”

Working with Schreiber’s retail customers on a daily basis is an enjoyable part of the job, Anstett also discussed her love of her company and its corporate culture.

“I love the partners,” she said. “They make it fun coming to work every day and they are my family. It also motivates me knowing everything I do directly impacts the company’s results.”

And while Anstett said she has had many great moments doing her job, perhaps her biggest highlight came recently while working with Walmart. One of the world’s biggest retailers accepted all of her new product recommendations.

“We have worked very closely with Walmart and have a clear understanding of what they want for their customers,” she said. “It was definitely one of my career highlights and a very cool moment. But it’s also a team effort and something that would have not been possible without everyone at Schrieber from creative design to R&D.