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Sleek CR


Child resistant caps (CRC’s) are known for safely securing your product while ensuring compliance with rigorous protocol testing to meet Consumer Product Safely Commission (CPSC) standards.  Child resistant closures are an essential player in the highly regulated pharmaceutical market. In addition to our robust line of CRC’s, Mold-Rite’s New Sleek CR is designed for smooth performance With both  glossy and matte finishes available, the Sleek CR allows for creativity to print photorealistic images with an infinite color range. This smooth canvas allows for flexibility when it comes to promotional imprints added to the top of your package. Reap the benefits of this new closure with is flexible ability to change artwork instantaneously and frequently. The  new Sleek CR comes in many sizes including a 53mm, 63mm and a 70mm all with a .400 Neck Finish.

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