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Show Preview: PLMA Show Profiles


Sealed Air Cryovac Food Packaging Systems

The supermarket is not only the greatest driving force of food packaging demand, but also our inspiration for innovation. As a world leader in food packaging systems, Cryovac offers products that are found throughout the store in virtually every department. Contact us to learn how our packaging innovations can improve your business.

Sealed Air Cryovac Food Packaging Systems


PLMA Booth #: 600

Excalibur Seasoning Company Ltd.

Since 1986, Excalibur has been a market leader in manufacturing chef-inspired seasoning blends and marinades. The company provides complete R&D services in the development of proprietary formulas and duplications. Excalibur also offers marketing support, including in-house design, printing and a wide variety of innovative packaging options.

Excalibur Seasoning Company Ltd.


PLMA Booth #: 1146

The Fremont Co.

As the ketchup expert, The Fremont Co. offers the most comprehensive line of national-brand-equivalent and specialty ketchup, including new 40-oz. and 64-oz. Fridge Fit bottles. Fremont also produces premium barbecue sauces and two different NBE steak sauces in PET bottles.

The Fremont Co.


PLMA Booth #: 2227/2228

Haliburton International Foods Inc.

If you want to fire up your sales, the Haliburton booth should be first on your list. The company is presenting items that are strategically developed for store brands, including one-of-a-kind fire-roasted vegetables, flashpasteurized/flash-cooled sauces and never-before-seen hummus and dips.

Haliburton International Foods Inc.


PLMA Booth #: 3222

John B. Sanfilippo & Son Inc.

John B. Sanfilippo & Son Inc. (JBSS) is one of the largest U.S. processors, packagers, marketers and distributors of nut-based products, and a premier global supplier of private brand snack, baking and produce nuts. JBSS will help with brand development, product and packaging innovation, category management, marketing plans and graphic support.

John B. Sanfilippo & Son Inc.


PLMA Booth #: 854-855

National Raisin Co.

National Raisin manufactures and supplies 84 percent of the national food retail ACV with private label fruit. The company is family-owned and -operated in Fowler, Calif., and is proud to announce the extension of the Raisel family of sour-flavored golden raisins. The new Watermelon Shock variety has been asked for by many who love the sour golden raisins.

National Raisin Co.


PLMA Booth #: 1030

The Perfect Bite Co.

The Perfect Bite Co. has a proven track record for developing custom programs that are on-trend and ahead of the curve for frozen and fresh. Please stop by the booth to discuss how The Perfect Bite Co. can help your department shine.

The Perfect Bite Co.


PLMA Booth #: 2615

Presto Products Co.

Presto Products Co. (a division of Reynolds Consumer Products) is a market-leading supplier of a full line of private brand storage bags, waste bags, containers and plastic wrap. For 50 years, Presto has been helping retailers build successful private brand programs by providing them with forward-thinking innovation, high-quality products and a commitment to service.

Presto Products Co.


PLMA Booth #: 5609x5713

Sovena Group

Worldwide, Sovena is involved in every stage of olive oil production, from growing of olive trees to distribution of the packaged product. The company is the world's largest private label olive oil supplier, using experience in category management to help retailers optimize their merchandising plans for maximum profitability.

Sovena Group


PLMA Booth #: 1622

Snack Bars

Shandiz Natural Foods will be featuring its entire variety of great-tasting, all-natural snack bars, including premium granóla bars, fruit and nut bars, and organic rice crispy bars.

Shandiz Natural Foods


PLMA Booth #: 1235-1236

Individual Antibacterial Wipes

U.S. Nonwovens Corp. has made its debut on the singles scene, producing individually wrapped antibacterial wipes and hemorrhoid wipes. USN developed the new line in response to customers' demand for portable wipes.

U.S. Nonwovens Corp


PLMA Booth #: USN Home Care 4900;

USN Personal Care: 4906

Balsamic Glazes

Acetum will be featuring two new patented balsamic glazes. New Blaze: Acetum Balsamic Glaze with Mustard is great for barbequing and a perfect dressing for hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches and more. New Blaze: Acetum Balsamic Glaze with Tamari Soy Sauce provides a unique fusion of Italian and Asian flavors, and is perfect for dressing sushi, stir fry and grilled meats and vegetables.

Acetificio Acetum S.R.L.

+390 535 58406

[email protected]

PLMA Booth #: 2025

Green Paper Products

Every little bit counts when it comes to living responsibly on our planet, which is why Global Tissue Group created the G3 initiative. The company features a "nonwood fiber" tissue product for a positive impact on the environment. Join the G3 movement.

Global Tissue Group


PLMA Booth #: 4300 x 4403

Specialty Pasta Sauces

Summer Garden Food Manufacturing features specialty pasta sauces, including Bolognese, amatriaciana, alfredo, carbonara and pumpkin. Picnic-style (mayo-free) dressings also are available, including pasta salad, potato salad and coleslaw, as well as meal-starter, chili-starter and simmer sauces, plus others.

Summer Garden Food Manufacturing


PLMA Booth #: 1059-1060

Ovenable packaging

Open up a world of delicious new product options. Cryovac Oven Ease packaging offers consumers the convenience they want — and you the freshness and extended shelf life you need.

Sealed Air Cryovac


PLMA Booth #: 600

Snack and Trail Mix

New Century Snacks offers a complete line of all-natural snack and trail mix products. The company is an innovative leader in ethnic flavors, fortified mixes and multiple packaging options.

New Century Snacks LLC


PLMA Booth #: 1334

Skillet Meals

Request Foods offers skillet meal co-packing as well as traditional frozen entrées.

Request Foods


PLMA Booth #: 1638-1639

Gourmet Sauce

DelGrosso Foods invites you to booths 1515-1516 to learn more about the company's newest gourmet sauce: Butternut Squash. Visitors will see firsthand why major retailers put their reputation on DelGrosso Foods' line!

DelGrosso Foods Inc.


PLMA Booth #: 1515-1516

Sauce, Salsa, Wines, Vinegars and Oils

LiDestri Food & Beverage is one of America's premier manufacturers of the highest-quality pasta and alfredo sauces; salsa and con queso; cooking wines; vinegars; infused oils; specialty syrups; barbecue sauces; fresh apple cider; iced tea; lemonade; and drink mixers.

LiDestri Food & Beverage


PLMA Booth #: 2301

Frozen Fruit

Imperial Frozen Foods' Berry and Cherries Frozen Fruit Blend is a rainbow of colors and flavors in a six-way blend of four berries and two cherries, with nothing added but fruit. The tart cherries and sweet cherries create a different twist to the bright red strawberry, rich dark blueberry, deep black blackberry and fragrant red raspberries.

Imperial Frozen Foods Inc.


[email protected]

PLMA Booth #: 2604/2704


Heartland Sweeteners is a leader in the production and innovation of food products. Stop by booth 2254-2255 to learn about the company's stevia, sucralose, aspartame, saccharin and xylitol products.

Heartland Sweeteners LLC

317-566-9750 •

PLMA Booth #: 2254-2255

Freezer Pops

Jel Sert now offers freezer pops made with 100 percent fruit juice, providing a more healthful and fun fat-free snack. The juice items are available in special packs of the company's classic Otter Pops and Fla•Vor•Ice brands, and for private label opportunities.

Jel Sert Co.


PLMA Booth #: 219


In line with today's more health-conscious consumers, Musco Family Olive Co. is pleased to offer reduced-salt ripe and Spanish green olives at this year's PLMA show.

Musco Family Olive Co.

800-523-9828 [email protected]

PLMA Booth #: 1105-1106

Vegetable Oil

Catania-Spagna is introducing a new production line offering five new sizes of PET bottles for vegetable oil products: 16-oz., 24-oz., 32-oz., 48-oz. and 64-oz. Stop by the company's booth to see other private label capabilities.

Catania Spagna Corp.


PLMA Booth #: 2215-2216

Refreshing Beverage

A sweet and creamy Mexican treat, Sabrozo Horchata is a refreshing blend of milk, rice, cinnamon and vanilla. This traditional beverage is known to be the "fountain of life."

Imbibe - The Drink Tank


PLMA Booth #: 1342

Easy-Seal Packaging

Mariani TouchLock Easy Seal packaging is another innovative first for the consumer packaged goods industry. This award-winning packaging features a self-gripping closure that is easy for the entire family to use.

Mariani Packing Co.


PLMA Booth #: 1554-1555

Caramels and Smores

Nassau Candy will be featuring a number of products at PLMA, including the very popular Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels and the company's Smores. Sea Salt caramels combine the luxurious flavor of dark chocolate and caramel with just a touch of sea salt for a balanced taste, and Smores bring out everyone's favorite childhood memory of summer campfires in a bite-size morsel.

Nassau Candy Distributors


PLMA Booth #: 804 x 1007

Canned Fruit

Grower-owned Pacific Coast Producers features a product line consisting of many varieties of canned apricots, fruit cocktail, fruit mix, peaches, pears, tomatoes and plastic-fruit-bowl items.

Pacific Coast Producers

209-367-8800 • Facebook: • Twitter: (fruit) (tomatoes) • PLMA Booth #: 2500

Premium Pasta

Dakota Growers Pasta Co. features premium dry pastas and innovative better-for-you products. Products include whole-grain items, multigrain vitamin-enriched items and items that offer a full serving of vegetable nutrients.

Dakota Growers Pasta Co. Inc., a subsidiary of Viterra Inc.


PLMA Booth #: 815

Asian Appetizers and Entrées

Water Lilies Food's mouthwatering appetizers include egg rolls, spring rolls and potstickers. For a taste of the company's entrées, stop by booth 2620 to enjoy some tangy Mandarin Orange Chicken and spicy General Tso's Chicken.

Wafer Lilies Food Inc.


PLMA Booth #: 2620

Cold Sore Treatment

Ranir's Abridge Cold Sore clinical-strength treatment relieves symptoms in just 24 hours. Its natural bioscience technology utilizes a unique combination of natural ingredients with Benzalkonium Chloride, the active ingredient that speeds the healing process.

Ranir LLC


PLMA Booth#: 5409

Gluten-Free Cookies, Desserts

La Vita Health Foods is exhibiting its line of gluten-free cookies and desserts. The same great-tasting, high-quality products that are packed under the company's own brand are now available for private label programs in a variety of packaging sizes.

La Vita Health Foods


PLMA Booth #: 1134

Sour-Flavored Golden Raisins

National Raisin Co. is proud to announce the extension of its growing Raisel family. The new Watermelon Shock sour-flavored golden raisin has been asked for by many who love the existing flavors. Stop by the booth for a free sample — you'll enjoy them as much as we do.

National Raisin Co.


PLMA Booth #: 1030

Vegetable Pasta

Heartland Hidden Vegetable Pasta is a great way to include more vegetables in your family's diet. With one serving of vegetables in every 100 grams of pasta, Heartland Hidden Vegetable Pasta tastes just like traditional pasta, making healthy eating easy. It is available for private brands or under the Heartland brand.

American Italian Pasta Co.


PLMA Booth#:2100

Simmer Sauces

Victoria Fine Foods is excited to bring its new simmer sauces into the spotlight this year. It will proudly showcase these unique and delightful products at booth 2529.

Victoria Fine Foods

718-927-3000 •

PLMA Booth#:2529

Bacon Bits and Pieces

Sample Hormel's new real bacon bits and bacon pieces, available in resealable pouches. Also ask about the company's microwavable shelf-stable products; quality canned meats; gelatins and puddings; bouillon; sugar; and sugar substitutes.

Hormel Corporate Brands

800-956-0399 •

PLMA Booth#:2205

Steak Sauces

The Fremont Co. introduces national-brand-equivalent steak sauces in easy-to-use, eco-friendly PET bottles.

The Fremont Co.


PLMA Booth #: 2227-2228

Seasoning Packaging Innovation

Excalibur Seasoning Co. now introduces revolutionary packaging that will change the way seasoning blends are purchased and applied. The company's top-selling blends are now available in single-use stick packages.

Excalibur Seasoning Co.


PLMA Booth #: 1146

Globally Inspired Hummus

Haliburton International Foods Inc. added an assortment of global flavor-inspired hummus. This low-fat, high-fiber favorite is strategically developed for store brands and available in various sizes.

Haliburton International Foods Inc.


PLMA Booth #: 3222

PET Snacking Canister

John B. Sanfilippo & Son Inc. will be featuring its new PET snacking canister at PLMA. This new packaging is 40 percent lighter than traditional composite cans and may be recycled or reused. Another benefit is that the canister allows the consumer to see the product inside before purchase.

John B. Sanfilippo & Son Inc.


PLMA Booth #: 854-855

Personalized Lids

Gift Tops from Presto Products transform your store brand container into a personalized gift with high-end holiday graphics printed on card stock that snaps into the lid of the container.

Presto Products Co.


PLMA Booth #: 5609 x 5713

Premium Desserts

Steuben Foods introduces premium desserts, including

pudding with whipped topping and mousse. Both products deliver innovation and national brand equivalency in the refrigerated desserts category to grow your business. Stop by to see the company's new and upcoming products at the PLMA show.

Steuben Foods


PLMA Booth #: 34/9