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Salad-ready tomato wedges from Pacific Coast Producers have many uses

Pacific Coast Producers offers California-grown salad-ready tomato wedges, one of the most unique items to hit grocery store shelves in years! These unpeeled, gently cooked tomatoes come in two varieties — classic red and vibrant tri-color featuring red, orange and yellow tomatoes — that are marinated in an olive oil and Italian spice blend. From field to sealed in just five hours — a process that locks in freshness, flavor and nutrition — these delicious canned tomatoes are available for you and your family to enjoy any time of the year, especially when tomatoes aren’t in season.

Because of their firm texture and clean, vine-ripened flavor, this chef-ready item can be poured directly onto a salad in place of raw tomatoes. Or feel free to go a little outside the box for a fun taco-night topping or spaghetti with pesto dinner. The possibilities and occasions are endless when it comes to these new canned tomato wedges.

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