Report: Amazon Prime Day Spending Up

Figures from Numerator reveal strong sell through of the retailer's private branded products in several key categories.
Greg Sleter
Associate Publisher/Executive Editor
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The average spend through the first 32 hours of Prime Day 2022 was up $6 over 2021, according to figures from Numerator.

Utilizing its live Amazon Prime Day tracker, Numerator said the average spend per order this year is $53.14, up from $47.14 last year. Through the initial two-thirds of the annual selling event, 42% of orders placed were for $20 or less, while 13% of orders were more than $100.

Notably, Amazon-branded products accounted for 64% of smart home device purchases, 43% of consumer electronics, 38% of household essentials, 38% of grocery, and 30% of apparel & shoes.

More than half of households (52%) placed two or more orders and 9% placed five or more orders.The average household spend was approximately $117 with 16% of households spending more than $200.

The top five items purchased were Amazon Fire TV Stick, Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen, Frito-Lay Variety Pack, Amazon Gift Card Reload and Dawn Powerwash Dish Soap.

Key findings included:

  • One-third of shoppers said they had waited to make a purchase until Prime Day sales
  • The typical observed Prime Day shopper is a high income, suburban female, age 35-44. 
  • More than 9 in 10 Prime Day shoppers said they were Amazon Prime members, and 83% have been Prime members for more than a year.
  • Top categories that Prime Day buyers reported purchasing are household essentials (32% of respondents), health & beauty (28%), consumer electronics (27%), apparel & shoes (23%), and home & garden (20%). 
  • 67% of Prime Day shoppers did not compare Amazon prices with any other retailers, and 79% only made purchases from Amazon on Prime Day.