Publix takes Aprons school online

Publix has created a new, digital way to promote its private brands

Publix is debuting a series of online cooking classes on YouTube that feature one of its best-selling private brand products: rotisserie chicken.

According the Orlando Sentinel, the Aprons Cooking School videos will be broadcast live and viewers can submit comments through YouTube for the chefs to answer. The videos will also be available to watch later through the Publix channel on YouTube.

The first show starts at 6 p.m. eastern time with a segment called “Get Cooking in the New Year” that walks foodies through three meals that can be prepared using a Publix oven-roasted chicken.

The second video will be broadcast Feb. 9 and be called “Date Night” with the third scheduled show happened March 9 called “Fill It, Stuff It & Roll It.”