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PLMA Show New Products

Latin-inspired flavored waters
Advanced Refreshment offers a full line of Latin-inspired flavored waters called Gusto! Aguas Frescas with fruit and spice notes that appeal to the growing Hispanic population in the United States and Canada.
Advanced Refreshment
PLMA Show Booth #F4914

Fiber-based materials
Ahlstrom is a high-performance fiber-based materials company. Our products are used in a large variety of everyday applications, including tea bags, coffee pods, food packaging, baking molds and trays, and genuine vegetable parchment for cooking, baking and wrapping.
PLMA Show Booth #F703/704

Peanut butter
American Blanching Company is one of the leading producers of national-brand-equivalent peanut butter for private labeling and copacking. The companys formulas include All Natural No Stir, Chocolate, Honey, Cinnamon, Low Fat and Omega3.
American Blanching Company
PLMA Show Booth #3612

The Bagelwich, the bagel with no hole, is available from Bagel Maguire Inc. Perfect for sandwiches, the Bagelwich is baked in a rectangular shape and comes in Montreal-Style Sesame Seed, Sesame Seed, Multigrain and Plain varieties. Bagel Maguire Inc. currently is in the process of receiving BRC certification.
Bagel Maguire Inc.
PLMA Show Booth #F1306 (Canadian Pavilion)

Grinders, bottles
Kaufman Container grinders come standard in clear or black – with custom colors and decorating techniques available – ranging in size from 38mm to 63mm with snap-on or classic threaded neck finishes. Accompanying bottles are available in glass or plastic ranging in size from 50ml to 375ml.
Kaufman Container
PLMA Show Booth #F1815 & H314

Iced coffee, protein energy shake
Berners new iced coffee and protein energy shakes are available in three flavors in a ready-to-drink format. These national-brand-equivalent beverages are sure to satisfy the younger, sophisticated customer.
Berner Food & Beverage
PLMA Show Booth #801

French bread pizza
Better Baked Foods produces a variety of French bread pizzas, including Pepperoni, Supreme and Cheesy Garlic. Our products are microwaveable and can be customized to meet your operational needs.
Better Baked Foods
PLMA Show Booth #F4700

All-natural hommus
Cedars Mediterranean Foods Inc. will be featuring an all-natural Chipotle hommus flavor and will be showcasing other new all-natural hommus flavors and hommus topping options at the PLMA show this year.
Cedars Mediterranean Foods
PLMA Show Booth #2724

Space Saver is a ready-to-drink, preservative-free, all-natural juice and beverage line packaged in a bag-in-box format. Perfect for todays retail marketplace, this 5-liter aseptic bag-in-box format is self-dispensing, shelf-stable and fits seamlessly in any refrigerator.
Continuum Packing Solutions, LLC
PLMA Show Booth #F2258

Italian cheeses
Our broad selection of hard Italian cheese products helps grow your store brand sales. It includes true-to-spec Parmesan, Romano, Asiago, Fontina and value blends in PET jars, display shippers and bulk packs.
DairiConcepts, L.P.
877-596-4374; 417-829-3400
PLMA Show Booth #F2255

Pizza, pasta sauce, salsa
Stop by the DelGrosso Foods booth to learn more about our delicious pizza, pasta sauces and salsa. Meet the DelGrosso family members firsthand and learn more about our capabilities.
DelGrosso Foods Inc.
PLMA Show Booth #F1515/1516

Oral care products
Featured products will include our Flex Head Toothbrush of a proprietary design, along with a 4 Day Whitening Strips display-ready PDQ unit, night guards for bruxism, tooth repair products and multi-function travel brushes.
DentaCare/Team Technologies
Tony Clark: 617-580-8265
Doug Whitfield: 480-460-1845
PLMA Show Booth #H3230/3231

Baby wipes
Tender Touch Baby Wipes are low-cost, premium-quality wet wipes made in the USA. The fragrance-free wipes feature a dermatologist-approved hypoallergenic sensitive formula. The wipes now are available for private label.
Diamond Wipes International, Inc.
PLMA Show Booth #H2927x3028 ISL

Meal solutions
Dr. Praegers offers a wide variety of tasty meal solutions: veggie chicken patties and nuggets, meatless sausage, veggie burgers (soy- or vegetable-based), veggie pancakes and breaded fish (gluten-free varieties are available).
Dr. Praegers Sensible Foods
PLMA Show Booth #F1134

Tea concentrates
DreamPak introduces its real brewed tea concentrates in 1.6-oz. bottles. Each bottle contains 24 servings of preservative-free tea for hot or iced application.
PLMA Show Booth #1918

Fiber-based packaging
Evergreen Packaging, a global leader in creating fiber-based packaging solutions customized to deliver product freshness and brand distinction – which is valuable for private brands – will debut a white paper on eco-aware moms at the PLMA show.
Evergreen Packaging
PLMA Show Booth #F1550

Feminine hygiene
With state-of-the-art machinery and a highly qualified team, Fempro has been recognized in the industry as a superior service-level company for more than 25 years.
Fempro I Inc.
PLMA Show Booth #1015

Retort sauces
This year, Food Service Specialties will be sampling our new retort sauces at the PLMA show. Stop by our booth and try them for yourself!
Food Service Specialties
PLMA Show Booth #F1525/1526

The Fremont Company will feature our reduced sugar ketchup made with Stevia. It has 25 percent less sugar than our regular ketchup, and stevia products appeal to consumers wanting great taste with less sugar.
The Fremont Company
PLMA Show Booth #F2309

Organic pizza sauce
Giovanni Food Company recently introduced Greenview Kitchen Organic Pizza Sauce. The company can pack gluten-free, all-natural, non-GMO, organic and other specialty products for private label and contract manufacturing customers.
Giovanni Food Company, Inc.
PLMA Show Booth #4714

Toilet tissue
Meet Level, the newest addition to the Golden Gate Paper portfolio. It offers higher bulk, softness and strength than those of conventional tissue while utilizing about 40 percent less energy than TAD and other premium paper.
Golden Gate Paper
PLMA Show Booth #H2920x3021 ISL

Body lotion
Greenblendz Inc. offers a natural coconut-oil-based all-over body lotion for everyday use.
Greenblendz Inc.
PLMA Show Booth #H2730/2731

Canned meat
Hormel Foods private label canned meat products and canned prepared foods are based on brand standard formulations, which provide exceptional quality, taste and dependability. Please visit our booth at the PLMA show to discuss the possibilities.
Hormel Corporate Brands
PLMA Show Booth #2205/2206/2207

Frozen fruit pulp
Imperial Frozen foods offers frozen 100 percent fruit pulp in a 14-oz. size. It is made with fresh vine-ripe fruit, including mango, passion fruit, guava and soursop.
Imperial Frozen Foods
PLMA Show Booth #3209

Reclosable food storage bags
Inteplast Group offers a full line of store brand reclosable food storage bags in a number of sizes, including Snack, Sandwich, XL Sandwich, Quart, Gallon and Jumbo Storage. Freezer bags come in Pint, Quart, Gallon and Jumbo sizes.
Inteplast Group
PLMA Show Booth #2503

Soft pretzels
J&J Snack Foods offers a multitude of traditional and stuffed soft pretzels ranging from sweet to savory. Our filled soft pretzels are perfect for party trays, after-school snacking or any other time!
J&J Snack Foods
PLMA Show Booth #1722

Single-serve teas, coffees
Bay Valley Foods continues to drive the private label single-serve category by adding to the lineup with new single-serve teas and single-serve fair trade organic coffees.
Bay Valley Foods
PLMA Show Booth #200

Bay Valley Foods
When you partner with Bay Valley Foods, youre working with one of the premier food companies with extensive category knowledge and exceptional consumer insights across multiple categories in every major channel of distribution. As a leading supplier of shelf stable foods, Bay Valley Foods is your one stop shop for product needs.
Bay ValleyFoods
800 236-1119
PLMA Show Booth #200

Breaded meat
Kings Commands chicken-fried steak line offers quality, consistency and convenience. Our wide variety of quality breading styles and cuts are sure to fit perfectly on any menu!
Kings Command Foods, Inc.
PLMA Show Booth #F7519

Specialty grains and more
Kusha/LT Foods Americas will be featuring specialty authentic grains in both conventional and organic varieties, including basmati, jasmine, and Arborio rice; white and brown rice; oils; and simmer sauces.
Kusha Inc./LT Foods Americas
562-340-4040 (corporate office)
949 870-8882 (sales)
PLMA Show Booth #6912

Jerky, canned beef products
Visit us to try our new bold jerky flavors or our new canned beef products such as Tex Mex Ground Beef, Meatballs in Gravy, Beef Stroganoff and more.
Marfood USA INC.
PLMA Booth #3319/3320

We offer roast ground, naturally decaffeinated and instant coffee. Some of our packaging options are glass/plastic jars, zip-top bags, pods, Cekacans, brick packs, IRS filter packs, stick packs, etc.
Maximus Coffee Group
PLMA Show Booth #F4208/4209

Alpina Foods, Inc.
With nearly 70 years of dairy food experience, a brand-new facility equipped with the latest in production machinery and personnel with decades of industry and R&D experience, Alpina is the perfect partner to help you grow your business.
Alpina Foods, Inc.
PLMA Show Booth #2155/2156

Rolled tortilla chips
Rolled tortilla chips are one of the fastest-growing segments of the entire salty snack category. Do you have a rolled tortilla offering in your private label range? Roll on over to our booth for more info!
Snak King Corp.
PLMA Show Booth #F2416/2417

Premium tissue and towel products
Sofidel Americas private label program offers retailers premium-quality tissue and towel products equivalent to national brands with a diverse and comprehensive array of put-ups and promotional packs.
Sofidel America
PLMA Show Booth #3311

Reduced-salt olives
In line with todays health-conscious consumers, Musco Family Olive Company is pleased to offer reduced-salt ripe and Spanish green olives at this years PLMA Show.
Musco Family Olive Company
PLMA Show Booth #1243

Pie filling
Polar brand pie fillings are a quick and easy way to bake a delicious pie. Each 27.35-oz. jar contains exactly what is necessary to make a 9-inch pie.
mwPolar Foods
PLMA Show Booth #1255/1257

Dessert caramels
The overwhelming response to last years Red Velvet and Classic Sea Salt caramels has inspired our palates. Nassau Candys suite of dessert caramels welcomes four new fantastic flavors: buttery Birthday Cake, Rainbow Cookie, Sea Salt Almond and Traditional Key Lime Pie.
Nassau Candy
PLMA Show Booth #3522x3623 ISL

Dried figs
National Raisin Company is pleased to present Black Mission figs. Black Mission is a high-quality fig variety with a good source of fiber, delightful texture and sweet taste.
National Raisin Company
PLMA Show Booth #1030

The New Organic Selects line of granola features three SKUs: Organic Unsweetened Cinnamon Raisin Muesli, Organic Gluten-Free Unsweetened Berry Coconut Granola and Organic Cranberry Almond Granola Clusters. All are formulated for functionality in response to consumer concerns such as GMOs and added sugars. The two "unsweetened" SKUs do not contain added sugars.
New England Natural Bakers
PLMA Show Booth #F107

Anti-fungal nail pen
Premier proudly introduces the new maximum strength anti-fungal nail solution pen. The pen-brush applicator can get into hard-to-reach places; the non-oily clear formula dries quickly; and the product leaves no unpleasant odor.
Premier Brands of America Inc.
PLMA Show Booth #H2911/2914

Portion-control snack bags
Portion Pack Snack Bags are vertically oriented snack-sized bags with volume markings. The volume markings provide portion control, while the vertical orientation of the bags makes them ideal for on-the-go snacking.
Presto Products
PLMA Show Booth #H1711x1815 ISL

Almond butter
This year, Ready Roast will feature our almond butter. Ready Roast Nut Company is committed to establishing new relationships and providing high-quality products and processing services to the private label industry.
Ready Roast Nut Company, LLC.
PLMA Show Booth #F2620

Tomato-based products
Red Gold now offers for private label both premium 38-oz. ketchup bottles and a 20-oz. Jalapeño ketchup. Red Gold also offers for private label new flavors to its salsa line: Mango Habanero, Fire Roasted Tomatoes with Lime and Chipotle Pineapple. As for no-salt-added products, Red Gold presents its Petite Diced Tomatoes (canned) and its Chunky Tomato, Onion & Garlic and Traditional jarred pasta sauces.
Red Gold LLC
PLMA Show Booth #F5703

Sweet-heat dip
Our Roasted Pineapple & Habanero Dip combines roasted pineapples, mangos and the robust flavor of habanero peppers for a tropical dip with subtle heat. Pour it over cream cheese and serve with crackers for a delicious and quick appetizer, or baste salmon, chicken or pork with it while cooking. The dip is all-natural, gluten-free and kosher certified.
Robert Rothschild Farm
PLMA Show Booth #1021

Biodegradable single-serve coffee pods
This year, the Rogers Family Company is featuring our new 97 percent Biodegradable OneCup single-serve coffee pods. They are now available for private label programs, including coffee and tea applications.
Rogers Family Company
PLMA Show Booth #F6728

Premium tissue products
At this years PLMA Show, our company will be featuring an array of high-quality FSC-certified premium bath tissue, kitchen roll towel and facial tissue.
Royal Paper Converting
PLMA Show Booth #6007

Glow-in-the-dark facial tissue box
Global Tissue Group has created innovative facial box designs to capture the imagination and maximize the glowing appearance. This new line of packaging can easily provide a touch of ambience to a darkened room and is ideal for childrens rooms to provide extra comfort at bedtime. Both children and adults will enjoy the relaxing glow of our DreamSoft™ tissue boxes.
Global Tissue Group
PLMA Show Booth #H400x508 Island

Single-serve vegetables
Seneca Foods 4-oz. vegetables in plastic cups are available in green beans, carrots, peas and corn. They are low in sodium and seasoned with just a splash of sea salt. Heat and eat: Its on-the-go nutrition at your fingertips!
Seneca Foods Corp.
PLMA Show Booth #205

Gourmet cat food
Simmons Pet Food Inc. is expanding its portfolio of 3-oz. Gourmet Cat Food with the introduction of Cheddar Celebrations. This new offering combines the popular grilled cuts and gravy format with the savory taste of cheese.
Simmons Pet Food, Inc.
856-662-7412, ext. 3054
PLMA Show Booth #6100 in Sky Hall

Microwaveable breakfast bowl
Simplot brings you a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs, diced potatoes, ham and cheddar cheese in a microwaveable bowl. Easily prepared in minutes, these breakfast bowls are available in Sausage, Meat Lovers, Bacon and Sausage Gravy varieties as well.
PLMA Show Booth #F6803

Plastic closure
MegaFlap, Weatherchems newest innovation, provides easy, convenient access and scoop retention. With a large embossing area for maximum shelf impact, the MegaFlap is ideal for nutritional powders, snack foods and many other applications.
Mold-Rite Plastics | Stull Technologies | Weatherchem
PLMA Show Booth #F5919/F5920

Aseptic packaging
Mondiv now offers a wide range of shelf-stable products in new aseptic packaging called SIG Combibloc. This packaging helps to retain natural aromas, vitamins, flavors, colors and nutrients. Combibloc packaging is available with fill volumes ranging from 16 oz. to 38 oz. for pasta, Alfredo and cheddar cream sauces; broth, gravy and soup.
Mondiv Division of Lassonde Specialties Inc.
PLMA Show Booth #F5303

Shelf-stable chicken pot pie
SOPAKCO is excited to introduce the marketplaces first-ever shelf-stable chicken pot pie. Stop by our booth at this years PLMA show to learn more about how we are pioneering delicious shelf-stable meal concepts. SOPAKCO is the taste of things to come!
SOPAKCO Packaging, Inc.
PLMA Show Booth #1619/1620

Edible oils
Sovena USA offers a full line of edible oils that can be delivered in a wide array of package types. Glass, PET, HDPE and tin all are available in a variety of colors and shapes.
Sovena USA
PLMA Show Booth #1622

Sue Bee Honey offers private label shippers featuring 12-oz. bears. Other sizes available include 8-oz. bears and 16-oz., 24-oz., 32-oz., 40-oz. and 80-oz. bottles. Organic honey is available in 12-oz. bears and in 16-oz. inverted bottles.
Sue Bee Honey
PLMA Show Booth #2506/2507

Value-added fruit pieces
Taura Natural Ingredients introduces Inclusions "pieces in pieces" products. They incorporate a full range of seeds, grains and cereals into fruit pieces, flakes, strips or bars. The products are available in multiple flavors (strawberry, peach, apple, etc.) and in varying size pieces. They are available directly as ready-to-eat fruit snacks or could also be added into trail mixes.
Taura Natural Ingredients
PLMA Show Booth #F4516

Flavored peanuts
On-trend flavors will be featured at Trophys booth. Savor the taste of "big flavor" peanuts: Smokey Bacon Cheddar, Buffalo, Tomato Basil, Chipotle Tequilla Lime, Honey BBQ and Wasabi Soy.
Trophy Nut Company
PLMA Show Booth #114/115

Gluten-free and organic ingredients
Wixon will showcase gluten-free and organic favorites, including organic spice blends, gluten-free soups, gluten-free bakery mixes for pizza and desserts, and gluten-free seasoning packets for meatloaf in a variety of flavors.
Wixon, Inc.
PLMA Show Booth #F1425/1426