PlantX partners with Québécois health food chain on plant-based private label

David Salazar
Managing Editor
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Canadian plant-based shopping platform PlantX Life is partnering with Les Marches Tau Natural Food Stores to launch a line of PlantX private label products. The companies also will work together to make Tau’s products available on the PlantX e-commerce platform and Tau will consult on PlantX’s planned brick-and-mortar debut. 

The company recently announced a U.S.-based venture, opening a cafe and store in San Diego that carries plant-based own brand product. The location is called Liv Marketplace.

The partnership is set to expand PlantX’s private label selection, which currently includes Canadian glacier water and plant-based meals. Joining the lineup will be PlantX Organic Black Rice, PlantX Red Pepper Tapenade, PlantX Extra Virgin Olive Oil, PlantX Chocolate Hummus and PlantX Coffee Beans, among others. All of the new products will be entirely plant-based and organic, sold via PlantX’s American and Canadian websites and in-person at the Liv Marketplace in San Diego. 

"We love being able to offer more private label products to our selection," said Julia Frank, PlantX CEO. "Thanks to Les Marches Tau, we are able to offer these new organic and delicious additions to our brand in the ever-growing plant-based space."

Tau, based in Quebec, has been in business since 1978 and operates six supermarkets in the province with a focus on products free of artificial colors, additives, chemical preservatives or unnaturally occurring sulfites. Tau operates with a low carbon footprint in mind as well. The retailer will bring more than 5,000 items — including such leading brands as Silk, Gardein and Earth Balance — to PlantX’s platform. Tau also will consult alongside Iris Construction Management on PlantX’s forthcoming franchise location — it currently is eyeing space in Squamish, British Columbia —  and on its Liv Marketplace in San Diego. 

"We are very excited to be collaborating with PlantX, a company that shares the same values for health and quality that we do," said Paul Robbie Brown, vice president of Les Marches Tau. "An important point of our mission has always been to increase the availability of all of our high-quality products. Together, we will do so in a significant and major way."