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Pacific Coast Producers Showcases New Fruits and Veggies

a bowl of food on a plate

Pacific Coast Producers, an agricultural cooperative based in northern California, is showcasing a handful of new products for private label availability. Owned by 150 family farms, Pacific Coast Producers’ products can be found at more than 95,000 grocery stores nationwide.
Organic Yellow Cling Sliced Peaches in real fruit juice are harvested from the group’s multi-generational family farms. They are hand selected and picked at the peak of freshness for premium taste and optimal nutrients.
Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes with Green Chilies adds flavor to a variety of meals. Using California vine-ripened tomatoes packed at their peak ripeness roasted on an open flame and diced green chilies, Pacific Coast Producers continues to see this product grow in popularity.

Chunky Cut Diced Tomatoes are made from tomatoes grown by family farmers in California and cut to one inch on each side. The larger cut provides a meatier tomato option for the at home chef to use for pastas, soups, chilis or any dish that requires a large tomato taste.
Bordeaux cherries are a premium maraschino cherry featuring the vibrant flavor of a fresh Bing cherry. The name comes from the rich burgundy color of the characteristic jumbo, stem-on cherry. Its mahogany-red cherry flesh offers a hint of tartness reinforced by a crispness that is associated to a conventional maraschino cherry.

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