Novozyme acquires Microbiome Labs

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Novozyme acquires Microbiome Labs

By David Salazar - 01/04/2021

Novozyme’s latest acquisition is giving it a stronger foothold in the North American probiotics space. The Danish company is acquiring Microbiome Labs, a maker of proprietary probiotic and microbiome solutions — sold under its brands and for private label — for roughly $125 million in cash. 

“Within a few years, Microbiome Labs has built a solid market position and become a key opinion leader on the microbiome in the consumer health industry, and I am very happy to welcome Microbiome Labs to the Novozymes family,” said Novozymes president and CEO Ester Baiget. “With its solid product portfolio and position with health practitioners, the company is a natural fit and matches our strategy of winning through scientifically proven solutions with specific health benefits.”

Baiget noted that Novozymes has targeted human probiotics as a growth area for the company and that the acquisition both grows the company’s portfolio and strengthens its position in the North American probiotics markets. The buy also complements Novozymes’ One Health brand, which the company has established to market its human-health solutions. “Combined with our organically developed activities in One Health, we ensure a strong foundation for future growth,” she said. 

North America’s probiotics market is estimated to be roughly $15 billion with a project high single-digit growth rate in the next three to five years. 

“Novozymes is the right home for us. We get global market access and world-class science to develop new solutions combining enzymes and probiotics to create clinically-proven solutions that improve human health and well-being,” says Dr. Tom Bayne, CEO at Microbiome Labs.”

The companies expect the acquisition to close in the first half of January. 

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