Ninja-Inspired G FUEL Flavor Lands Exclusively at Walmart

Walmart's latest exclusive product addition is an energy drink flavor inspired by video game personality Tyler "Ninja" Blevins.
Zachary Russell
Associate Editor
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Ninja Walmart G FUEL

Walmart has added a new flavor of energy drink G FUEL inspired by gaming and entertainment personality Tyler “Ninja” Blevins exclusively to its shelves.

The new Cotton Candy G FUEL flavor is now available at select Walmart locations, and is sure to be a hit with fans of the gamer. Blevins has more than 70 million fans worldwide across his major digital networks, and is known for streaming games like Fortnite on his Twitch channel.

“Ninja is an entertainment powerhouse, so we needed a flavor that's just as fun and exciting as he is. Ninja Cotton Candy fits the bill perfectly," said G FUEL founder and CEO Cliff Morgan. "We can't wait for G FUEL fans to discover Ninja's flavor at Walmart stores across the U.S. this summer."

In addition to being Blevins' debut flavor of G FUEL, the Official Energy Drink of Esports, Ninja Cotton Candy marks G FUEL's first ready-to-drink 16 oz can with 140 mg of caffeine compared to its 300 mg lineup. Like all G FUEL flavors, Ninja Cotton Candy has zero sugar and zero calories, along with proprietary energy and focus-enhancing complexes.

“There are two things we love to offer fans; first is accessibility, the second is something that's never been done before, and this checks both boxes in an awesome way," said Blevins. "And getting to have my own unique cotton candy flavor? If I was hype to announce the collaboration with Team Ninja and G FUEL, I'm even more so now."

Other Walmart-exclusive G FUEL offerings include Mega Man Blue Bomber Slushee, Tetris Blast and Sonic the Hedgehog's Peach Rings.