Nielsen spinning off Global Connect business

New York-based Nielsen Holdings is spinning off the company’s Global Connect business to create two independent, publicly traded companies — the Global Media business and the Global Connect business.

“The news brings a positive message to our retail and consumer packaged goods clients,” Nielsen said in a statement. “As an independent company, this will enable Nielsen to increase focus and velocity on key initiatives such as the Nielsen Connect Platform and retailer collaboration that have strengthened its competitive position. Nielsen Connect’s retail measurement franchise will be better equipped for long-term success with differential investment, profitability, capital return and strategic frameworks.”

According to Nielsen, creating two separate and independent publicly traded companies will enable each business to:

  • Drive results with a singular focus and an independent structure that allows faster decision-making.
  • Implement distinct, fit-for-purpose capital structures and allocation strategies aligned with growth plans.
  • Benefit from strategic flexibility to invest in growth opportunities.
  • Create compelling pure-play investment opportunities for investors by driving accelerated growth and profits over time.

“Today’s announcement to spin off the Nielsen Global Connect business marks a milestone in Nielsen’s strategic evolution. As two independent, publicly traded companies, both Nielsen Global Media and Nielsen Global Connect will strengthen their path forward toward a new phase of growth, productivity and industry leadership,” said David Kenny, CEO of Nielsen. “The new Nielsen Connect will be built upon our existing foundation of providing the data and insights that shape markets in the rapidly evolving world of commerce — a world that is increasingly reliant on technology. Nielsen Global Media will remain a standalone public company. It’s a new day for Nielsen and we’re excited to unlock the value of two strong, global franchises.”