In Missouri, plant-based meats can no longer be called ‘meat’

In Missouri, meat can now only be labeled as meat,

Missouri is the first state in the country to have a law that prohibits food makers from using the word “meat” to refer to anything other than animal flesh. That means that food manufacturers that call their products “plant-based meats” can no longer do so.

The Missouri Cattlemen’s Association, which worked to get the law passed, has cited shopper confusion and protecting local ranchers as reasons for the legislation, according to a report in USA Today.

"The big issue was marketing with integrity and ... consumers knowing what they’re getting," Missouri Cattlemen’s Association Spokesman Mike Deering told USA Today. "There's so much unknown about this."

On Aug. 27, the company that makes Tofurky filed an injunction in a Missouri federal court to prevent enforcement of the law, alleging that the state has received no complaints about consumers confused by the term “plant-based meats.”