Michael Angelo's Launches First Pasta Sauce Line Exclusively at Walmart

The frozen meal brand's first launch of four pasta sauce varieties has landed at Walmart.
Zachary Russell
Associate Editor
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Michael Angelo's pasta sauce

A new line of pasta sauces is landing exclusively at Walmart. Michael Angelo’s, a brand of Italian frozen meal entrees, has launched its first-ever line of jarred tomato sauces.

The four sauces include Marinara, Tomato Basil, Garlic and Spicy Marinara, all of which are priced at under $5 and found only at Walmart, adding to the retail giant’s exclusive product portfolio

Founded by an Italian family using their Sicilian grandmother, Nonna Foti’s, authentic recipes, Michael Angelo’s pasta sauces are “naturally sweet, vine-ripened tomatoes that are slow-simmered to achieve the perfect flavor and texture."

"Michael Angelo's offers traditional Italian recipes passed down through generations, so our customers can enjoy a delicious meal as good as homemade without starting from scratch," said Risa Cretella, executive vice president and group general manager at Sovos Brands. "We are passionate about sharing convenient, comforting meal solutions in today's busy world. Our new sauces extend the delicious authenticity and simplicity of Michael Angelo's into a new category."

The new sauce line is described as follows by Michael Angelo’s:

  • Nonna's Secret Marinara: Made with naturally sweet, slow-simmered tomatoes.
  • Nonna's Secret Tomato Basil: Marinara sauce with the addition of bright basil.
  • Nonna's Secret Roasted Garlic: Combines slow-simmered tomatoes with kettle-roasted garlic for a classic sauce that delivers on flavor.
  • Nonna's Secret Spicy Marinara: A special blend of spices brings just the right amount of heat to this flavorful sauce.