Loyal Guru and tcc team up to improve customer loyalty

The two companies have partnered to better allow retailers to craft loyalty programs, allowing better leveraging of private brands.
Zachary Russell
Associate Editor
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Loyal Guru and tcc have announced a new partnership to help boost customer loyalty in retail, potentially using private brands.

 The move will enable tcc, a loyalty marketing firm, to use Loyal Guru’s data platform to boost customer loyalty by leveraging technology to greater enable control over retail loyalty programs. Retailers will have more visibility of their campaigns and can tailor them to better serve shoppers, boosting digital transformation within their organization.

“The combination of our solution plus tcc will allow retailers to reward customers for their purchases, including rewarding them for purchasing more branded products and/or increasing their spend on private label products,” Alessando Ferrari, global head of product marketing at Loyal Guru, told Store Brands. “What we are learning from our customers is that a mixture of private label and CPG promotion works best for retailers.”

Retailers all over the world will be able to digitize their loyalty operations, and have greater visibility of their campaign performance to better serve the modern, omnichannel consumer. This can allow retailers to keep offering prime physical rewards, including for their own brand products., through loyalty campaigns that are innovative, user friendly, and engaging.

“The partnership with Loyal Guru is incredibly exciting,” said Simon Hay, CEO of tcc. “The online journey is becoming more popular with consumers and being able to enhance our physical loyalty campaigns with a digital aspect means that loyalty marketers will have so much more insights and data at their disposal to ensure that their campaigns are as engaging as possible.”

Retailers that have worked with tcc include Tesco, Lidl, Aldi, 7-Eleven and more. Loyal Guru has over 50 clients in 20 countries.