Italian Trade Commission celebrates food heritage at Eataly

A worldwide joint project between the Italian Trade Commission (ITA) and Eataly under the umbrella of the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation will go into effect in January 2021, with the goal of bringing Italian food and wine to the next level.

An ITA representative told Store Brands that the assortment and promotions are still being worked out between Eataly headquarters and the association in Italy so its not known yet how many items will be exclusive to Eataly, under the Eataly packaged store brand or in its food marketplace.

The campaign will focus on the unique characteristics of Italian products — above all, their authenticity and singular traits that make them stand out. Eataly will highlight products already available in its stores, as well as new entries. Consumers will learn about Italian products through seminars and tastings held at Eataly locations, enjoy the country’s cuisines in Eataly’s restaurants, and ultimately purchase and bring home the foods and wines that they’ve discovered through the promotion.

All activities will be organized with the public-health crisis in mind, and in accordance with the strict official guidelines. The promotion is slated to run throughout 2021.

Additional information on the campaign, products and activities will be forthcoming on Eataly's website, as well as in Eataly Magazine, which comes out during the holidays.

Earlier this year, the retailer entered into a partnership with the Florence, Italy-based Chianti Classico Consortium to promote Italian food and wine in the autumn at Eataly’s U.S. stores.

Alba, Italy-based Eataly operates more than 35 locations globally, five of them in the United States.