Instacart to add three new features to platform

The delivery service is making changes to help improve its user experience.
Zachary Russell
Associate Editor
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Delivery platform Instacart has begun updating its platform to better assist customers shopping for private label items. Over the next four months, Instacart will launch four suites of product features related to improving the shopper experience.

So far this year, Instacart has launched a prepared foods hub, and a new ad solutions system for CPG brands to compete with private label.

The new features headed to Instacart include live phone support, enabling shoppers to call and speak with a care representative directly through the Instacart app, which the company says has been one of the most requested features from customers. 

Instacart is also launching a safety toolkit, giving shoppers immediate access to important safety functionality including in-app emergency calling, incident reporting, and safety alerts from the app. 

Finally, Instacart is unveiling its new in-app navigation feature, providing shoppers with an interactive map of the grocery store including accurate item locations to help them navigate the store. This feature is currently being piloted in more than 80 grocery store locations across North America, with more being added over time.

"Shoppers on our platform are uniquely able to balance empathy with efficiency and communication with problem-solving,” said Tom Maguire, vice president of operations and care at Instacart. “They put unmatched care into their efforts for customers, and we want them to feel the same level of care and commitment from us at Instacart as they give to their communities every day. With the introduction of these commitments, our goal is for every shopper on our platform to feel heard, respected, prioritized and cared for as members of this important community. We look forward to building on these commitments as shoppers continue to help us invite the world to share love through food."

To further expand on the new features, Instacart has launched a microsite that is available for members of the shopper community to learn more about the features and programs being introduced. Available now and continuing each month through June, shoppers will receive a notable update about new product features that have been developed with their feedback and interests in mind.

"The products we build for shoppers are developed with the goal of improving their experience and bettering our platform as a whole," said John Adams, vice president of shopper and fulfillment product at Instacart. "The functionality we are introducing today will help keep shoppers safe on the platform and support them in every step of their shop, from the moment they accept an order until after it's delivered to the customer. Over the next several months, we look forward to introducing additional features based on direct shopper feedback, as we further our goal of offering the best possible shopper experience."