Industry veteran's e-book offers best practice guidelines for private brands


Greg Pohlmann, who spent 40 years in the store brands industry, is the author of a new e-book, “Thinking Store Brands First,” which provides best practice guidelines for retailers and wholesalers wanting to enhance customer loyalty and increase operating profits.

Pohlmann, an expert in store brands, was a district supervisor and director of store operations for Aldi, which is on track to become the third-largest grocer in America and is well-known for its store brands. Pohlmann also worked as a vice president for Topco Associates and was an officer with Daymon in addition to being a vice president for Valley Consumer Products Group and spending several years with Marketing Management Inc.

Pohlmann’s book, published online by Store Brands' parent company EnsembleIQ, contains 14 chapters — 13 of them devoted to store brand best-practice guidelines and one chapter on the future of store brands.

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