Impact Awards 2022: Topco Associates, Ethical Sourcing/Supply Chain Transparency

When it comes to transparency, Topco Associates is making it easy to find private label seafood that was ethically and sustainably sourced.
Zachary Russell
Associate Editor
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Retailers, product suppliers and service providers across the private label industry work on a daily basis to provide consumers quality products that offer great value and enhance their lives. But many companies go above and beyond, and take steps daily to protect the environment, enhance diversity programs, implement unique workforce initiatives, support needed community programs and more.

To honor the work of companies across our industry, Store Brands’ 2022 Impact Awards features several leading organizations that throughout the year have taken steps to support their customers and communities beyond the walls of their stores or manufacturing facilities.

The following profiles showcase the work of companies in several important categories: Sustainability and Resource Conservation; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Ethical Sourcing and Supply Chain Transparency; Workforce Development and Employee Support; Community Service and Local Impact; Educational Support and Learning Advancement; Food Security, Safety and Nutritional Leadership; and Philanthropic Innovation and Corporate Giving Initiatives.

Topco Associates salmon

Company: Topco Associates


Impact Award: Ethical Sourcing/Supply Chain Transparency


Retailers of all sizes are continuing to build sustainability programs in an effort to be better stewards of the planet while still offering high-quality products to customers. Through its Full Circle Market private brand, Topco Associates member stores sell ethically sourced seafood at a time when supply chain transparency is becoming increasingly important to consumers.

Along with being Fair Trade Certified and Best Aquaculture Practice (BPA) certified, Topco utilizes technology to provide transparency for its fish products. Full Circle Market was the first grocery brand to adopt Wholechain, a traceability system that links suppliers, processors, food brands and grocers, across every product in the seafood product line.

In partnership with Envisible, the sustainable sourcing company that created Wholechain, Full Circle Market created the first retail-ready product line of seafood to be entirely traceable from source to sale. Wholechain allows Topco to track its tuna, salmon and other products by accumulating data as products change hands along the supply chain.

A digital record follows the product from the source to the store, and the data can be utilized for planning and analysis, allowing the retailer to reduce food waste and improve seafood quality. Full Circle Market can now communicate important product data and information through a scannable QR code experience for shoppers at the point of sale.

With overfishing becoming increasingly important within the realm of sustainability, Topco’s efforts should not go unrecognized. The company’s initiative can be a blueprint for others looking to make strides with sustainable private label offerings.